[NA] Boozin Bullies, PVX with relaxed atmosphere

SalidSalid Member
edited August 2020 in NA Guild Recruitment
Boozin Bullies is recruiting! We have been around since early WoW. We started because we saw too many restrictions, and people turning the game into a job. We pride ourselves on having very few rules, just don't be ridiculous. We're looking for like minded folks who want to have a good time in the game when they can. Because of our relaxed nature, we'll likely be doing smaller things within the group, like caravans, PvE and small scale PvP, but we're also completely open to being hired as mercenaries to help you defend your city or working with our fellow allies to accomplish bigger tasks.

If you're interested, head over to Boozinbullies.com and introduce yourself.


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