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[EU] | Mirage | PVX | GMT+1| Semi-Hardcore |


“Ad usque Fidelis”

Mirage is looking for experienced and new players alike to help us gain a foothold in Veera, through our guild we plan to clear all content and expand to all the different aspects Ashes of Creation has to offer. A new game is on the horizon for the coming years, Ashes of Creation, that could reinstall a sense of hope in the MMORPG genre. Those who love this genre love the community that can be built in these worlds with mutual minded individuals and that together with one focus we can all strive to be better and provide better for ourselves and one another. We want to build an environment where everyone can succeed.

The Mirage has one main focus be one of the best on our server, control our own destinies and ensure progression for all members. This could be the start of something great whether you love PVP/PVE or even RP there’s something for everyone in our guild as our focus will be PVX and how these can aid all three of these aspects for our players. All we ask is trust in us and loyalty to the cause.

About us
• What we can offer you?
• Strong Leadership with MMORPG history including WoW Classic/Destiny 2/Destiny
• Guild events
• Grow at your own pace and gain opportunities through the guild
• Organisation through Discord
• Friendly Welcoming Community

Mirage wants to focus on a lot of the different features ashes has to offer not just one single part.
• PvE (Node Expansion, Raiding, Dungeons, Questing & World Bosses)
• PvP (Node Sieges, Guild Wars, Castle Sieges, Open World PvP, Battlegrounds and Caravans)
• Crafters/Trading/Artisan Skills
• Guild Events
• Friendly Helpful Community

• Mature 18+
• Follow Guild Rules in Discord
• Play on a EU Server
• Engage in the community
• Ability to speak and Understand English
• Aim to a minimum 150 player guild
• Open through discord no prior experience required

Feel free to message me on Discord personally if you have any further questions or issues.
Join us now to discuss all the aspects you like or dislike about this game and what your most excited for on our discord server and any other thoughts your having regarding this game lets get ready and acquainted before this game launches so when it does they wont know what hit them!

You have become a Mirage an illusion that seems real.
"Ad usque Fidelis"

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