[EU] Cinder | PVP Focus | Selective Recruitment

MarzzoMarzzo Member, Leader of Men, Early Alpha One Tester
edited August 10 in EU Guild Recruitment
Focus: Guild Wars, Arenas, Sieges, Naval PvP, Open World, Raids/dungs (for gear/progress)
Leadership: Council system
Loot system: Customized DKP
Member cap: ~80 players
Server: TBD

Cinder is a community with a strong PvP focus, only outmatched by our focus on having fun. However, we will participate in PvE content to benefit us in PvP. Outside of PvP and PvE, we will offer for-fun activities designed to be engaging and productive for the guild in regards to bonding and teambuilding.

While we will play to progress and to win, we will always prioritize including everyone and improving togheter as a team. If you want a hardcore guild that values performance above everything, this is not for you. But, if you want a guild that values you as a person, and wants to improve togheter with you while still having fun, this will be a great home for you.

If you are interested, contact me here at @Marzzo or on discord at:
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