[FIN] <Ashes of Creation - Suomi> seeking more finnish members!!

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Discord: https://discord.gg/7mg2YfB

Hi all fellow Finnish players
We are seeking more finnish members to join our discord channel!!

Channel is newly found, so dont expect BIG or OVER POPULATED channel just yet. We didn't found
any active Finnish guilds or community sites, so WE CREATED ONE! If you are from Finland and want
to search or create finnish guild. Please join our channel and communicate with other finnish players.

- Advertise your own finnish guild if planning making one
- Search guild which is best for you (later when we get more members to our channel)
- Tell your opinions about the game with fellow finnish players
- Find new buddies whom to play with

- have as many finnish players as possible, so finnish players can have own community in game
- to offer new guilds a platform where they can advertise themselfs
- to offer new players to find finnish guilds where to play

- Channel age is 18+
- Discord channel is finnish players only!
- Non Finnish players are welcome to the channel, BUT our channel main language is finnish

Feel free to join our channel and meet new finnish people whom to play with!!

- site admins Toren, Seko, Ryar


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