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Damage Types & Mitigation - Slash Pierce Hack Bludgeon

Hello! I've been looking for more info on this and figured I'd ask directly, pertaining to damage types and mitigation:

Damage Types
- Will there be differing damage types, beyond just physical/magic, that will have different levels of effectiveness against different armor types? Basically, more sub-types of damage such as Physical-Piercing or Physical-Bludgeoning? Magic-Fire vs Magic-Ice?
- If so, will these damage types be bound to weapons or actions? For instance could a sword be effective with a "Flat-Blade" type blunt attack as well as Slashing and Piercing attacks?
- Further, will different damage types (and sub types) be more effective against different mobs in PvE scenarios? Fire vs Plants or Lightning vs Fish? My experience FFXI weighs heavily on mechanics like this, where as it felt less impactful in other MMO's.

Mitigation Types
- I thought I heard in one of the Q&A sessions w/ the Intrepid team that some armor will do better against physical vs. magical damage, but does it get more granular with successive sub-types such as Mail vs Plate vs Leather, when it comes to damage types?

Example Damage/Mitigation
- Slash | most effective against cloth | least effective against plate/heavy
- Pierce | most effective against mail | least effective against leather
- Blunt | most effective against plate/heavy | least effective against cloth
- Hack | most effective against leather | least effective against mail

With magic, a circular hierarchy along the lines of:
Fire > Ice > Wind > Earth > Lightning > Water > Fire

I am currently working on the specifics of a system like this for a small, turn-based RPG, but was wondering if this is applicable to an MMO such as AoC as well? If it is within the scope of the game design, I'd be glad to hear it. This sort of detail to combat adds a lot of flavor and depth to potential encounters.



  • Hi @Arkethos !

    This is a fairly hefty question, and would be a great topic to discuss in our General Discussion forum section instead of the Support section of our forums, but I'll answer a small bit here for ya to get you started. :smile:

    So far, we have let folks know that we will have a variety of damage types and these will be mitigated by defensive stats on different types of armor.

    For example:
    - Magic damage is mitigated by cloth armor
    - Physical damage is mitigated by plate armor

    In regards to sub-types of damage, we have talked about elements (like air, fire, water, and lightning) each with their own resistances which will be affected by seasons and environments.

    For example:
    - Frost abilities may be stronger in the winter than in the summer.

    Hope that gives you a general idea of damage, damage sub-types and mitigation. We have not released all the details on specifics in regards to some of your more detailed suggestions and questions, but it might be a neat topic to discuss with the community in a General Discussion thread! :smile:

    Hope this helped you out! I'll close this thread, but if there are any further support issues we can assist you with, don't hesitate to reach out! <3
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