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Art Team: A word about oversaturated colors

I know, I know "this is alpha". I also trust in IS art department but I wanted to draw their attention to the game's "saturation" or vibrant colors. I for one believe the oversaturation of colors can make the game unappealing on the long term, but that's mostly on environment/equipment. What I mean by that is that oversaturated environments or the excess of oversaturated environments is bad for the game as colors appear unrealistically vibrant and takes away the pleasure of finding something glowy in the middle of a dense forest or a suffocating desert.

As for skills, I think it is fine for them to have vibrant colors if they're appropriately well-tuned (effect length, density, frequency, etc). When we think about "priorities" it's natural that magic is somewhat flashier than the actual environments (I like to think that magic naturally comes either from the universe or from electricity) and armor, unless it's something specific for ex. armor imbued with actual magic or magically-unstable environments.

I like to take GW2 x FFXIV as an example to this very particular subsystem: GW2 colors are in general too saturated for my taste (both armor and environment) while FFXIV is very smooth to look at and it doesn't cause too much visual fatigue. It makes sense, right? The armor sets are beautiful as they are and if I were to adjust something in FFXIV it would be to have a saturation slider in the settings while also making sure that the values aren't stupidly out of bounds.

Don't use too much saturation for armor and environment. Skills are okay-ish if you go vibrant on those as long as they're well-tuned.

Disclaimer: I know they're constantly saying they'll adjust brightness and such as the game development unfolds, I just wanted to voice a small concern. Just that.
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