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[NA] The Ephyrian Empire | PvP/PvE| Hardcore/casual | AST/EST

The Ephyrian Empire


The Ephyrian Empire is a new guild that was made by necessity rather than need. The two founders of the guild have plenty of experience with MMO’s and guild management all the way from old school RuneScape to ESO. This new guild currently has no ties to any of these games since we wanted a fresh start.
Our main goal right now is to fill the ranks of our guild and achieve greatness in ashes of creation.


Our great empire aims to become one of the top guilds in AoC. We may start with few members, but we will do everything in our power to grow in numbers and strength. With our Emperor @Zer0Panda leading the charge we will strive to be a powerhouse in AoC.


We prefer that our members be above the age of 18.
Members must know at least English or Spanish.
Must be a player that plays in NA region servers.
Must be an active guild member.
Must own a headset/mic to be able to vc with the guild members


Emperor- @Zer0panda
Emperors Hand- @CosmicPanda
Imperial Senate- @tempzz
Kings/Queens- Vacant
Prince/Princes- Vacant Ranking
Dukes/Duchess- Vacant
The first base ranks (Squires to counts) can be earned by participating on the discord and guild activities the others must be earned by trust and merits.


We offer a wide variety of games that we can play together until the release of AoC

Future specified roles

After AoC we will start to add roles like master crafter and such for those members that master certain professions.

Core values

The guilds cores consist on working together to achieve greatness in the long run. We will do everything on our power to ensure that our members have a great experience and fun in our guild.

Discord Server

Come and join our discord server, and if you have any more questions about the guild please do ask in the guild chat. Every question will be answered.

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