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Class change quests / Class halls

vhbeninvhbenin Member
edited August 2020 in General Discussion
Will the player change classes ingame just by hitting level 25 and choosing his archetype or will the player class be chosen after completing a quest like in a class hall with tutors?

Will the game have class related quests for acquiring special skills or everything related to the class and further specializations will be obtainable only by leveling up?

a good example of this mechanic is in ragnarok online mmo, where the player starts as an apprentice and chooses his class after completing the tutorial and then his second class after reaching a level and visiting his class hall, then performing a quest.

What are your opinions on implementing something similar?


  • At level 1 you pick your primary archetype, at level 25 you get to pick your secondary archetype. I don't recall the devs ever mentioning a quest line being involved to get your secondary archetype.
    However, to change your secondary archetype after you had already picked one is possible, but will not be easy, Steven thinks he will make some sort of quest for it and you definitely can't do it half way into a dungeon.

    Yes the game will have quests to find/unlock specific skills/spells. In a world full of only single handed swordsmen will you be the first to dual wield?!?!? Perhaps... and if you did learn to dual wield would you walk around showing it off in town or keep it hidden till a Corrupted PK tries to jump you?

    As for what my opinion is... yeah I wouldn't mind if the devs made getting your secondary archetype alittle more lore/quest related. Sounds cool, maybe if they get extra time they will do that, or do it in an expansion.
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