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Can a player become undead? If so, could a necromancer player control them?

While researching this game I was wondering if a player could become undead. In addition to that I was wondering if a necromancer player could have a mind control effect on said undead, like Lilian Voss from World of Warcraft. She became mind controlled by a necromancer but eventually snapped out of it. If this could happen in Ashes I think it could be held in check by a willpower stat and that it would be pretty cool to see.

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    While Undead is not a current player race planned for release, the devs have hinted that most anything is possible from a cosmetic skin perspective. And looking like a undead was specifically brought up in an old Q&A and their response was that it's possible a character skin cosmetic could be made someday that makes your character look undead, but it wouldn't come with any stats or skills. Also to further roleplay you can join "evil" religions and progress through that organization through quests.

    Sounds like you will want to play as a Summoner/Cleric, as a summoner you will be able to be a Necromancer and summon up to 3 zombies/skeletons/ and other undead things.


  • The Undead part through religion could be really awesome if implanted.
  • Hi there! As I don't believe we've answered this quite specifically before (in terms of a player becoming "undead" in that sense, beyond cosmetic appearance), I would recommend sharing it in an upcoming AMA or live stream Q&A thread so that our development team can dive in further!

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but please don't hesitate to reach back out if there's anything else we can help out with in the meantime!
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