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Audience Created Assets (Concept)

SussurroSussurro Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
edited August 2020 in General Discussion
A toolkit, separate from the game, that the audience could use to create an AoC-like object (i.e. models, animations, textures, NPCs); Additionally, providing a feature that allows them to upload the asset to the community where it can be subject to an approval/disapproval filter*. Lastly, Intrepid Studios may browse popular assets that (based on their discretion) could be modified and integrated into the game**. It would provide a new avenue for community involvement and give a larger pool of assets for AoC's artists to modify and implement. The feature would need to have a user agreement that endorses the asset's use by Intrepid for AoC; a legally binding clause(s) where selecting 'I agree' is tantamount to a digital signature. I realize not all nations may give their citizens the freedom to do what would be needed for this feature, perhaps these nations could still allow their citizens to participate in the approval/disapproval filter.

I understand I may be coming across as 'business-oriented', in terms of utilizing the community to fabricate assets, but I'm genuinely excited by the idea of contributing to this project and helping them iterate on it en masse. There have been similar things done in other games; namely, the forge system in Neverwinter where a user can create an instanced experience that was some of the best content in the game (unfortunately, the most exploitable too). There was Landmark, which was implemented well for a core project that didn't pan out, and I'm sure there are other systems for other such games but none come to mind for the MMO space. I would like insight from people that have experienced the systems in the two games I mentioned, experienced a similar system in another game entirely or would like to throw down and have some internet fisticuffs about the concept I've suggested.

If I had a say, and I don't, I would consider this idea for sometime post-launch. It virtually increases the size of the development team, which I see as nothing but a boon for such an ambitious project***.

*Only the subscribed/backer player base would be able to vote on the asset
**Assets could be categorized by type, to compete amongst others of the same type, and the player whose asset is integrated could receive an in-game reward unique to this achievement
***I don't want to give the impression that it's not achievable otherwise, simply ambitious
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