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[NA] Weeping Willow | PvX | Semi-Hardcore | Active

joodeejoodee Member
edited August 2020 in NA Guild Recruitment

Who are we?
Weeping Willow is a guild formed of people with a shared love of Ashes of Creation on top of a long history of other games from all genres. Players of all ranges are welcome! While we want to be competitive and will always strive to be, we do not want to sacrifice fun for competition’s sake. If this sounds like your kind of style, we’d love to have you!

What do we want out of Ashes?
We plan to have sectors of the guild for each facet of the game: Hardcore PvE, Hardcore PvP, Artisan Masters, and even a PK group. We plan to adjust for each version of the game up to retail and have a number of players with access to the Alpha 2 and beyond so we can learn as much as we can about the game. We are striving, like many, towards node leveling and management, eventual sieges, trade alliances, and more!

What do we require of you?
While each of our branches will require quite a commitment, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for you, so don’t worry! We really ultimately want to make sure we have an active family of players and will only require a bit of activity to remain in the guild.

What we are playing right now:
We have people playing ESO, League, Terraria, Valorant, Among Us, and various other titles as we wait for Ashes to come out. We're always happy to organize a space for a new game that people express interest in to make it easier to play together!

So what next?
Our number one rule is just to get along and have fun, not only as a guild but as a family! Our discord is really active as we regularly play a number of games together while we wait for more Ashes content to come out. We have regular game nights throughout the week and movie nights on Fridays as well! Stop by and say hello and see if you might like to join our family! :)



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