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Rng Rarity item drops?!

Cre8edCre8ed Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
So in other famous mmos and even other first Pearson games there a often items you need to farm a boss or mob for, I still have yet to see anything on different types of rare drops and loot tables and that sort of stuff, how many of you all would like to see drops that have very high drop rates like a 1/3000 drop chance to keep the game feeling fresh for the sake of giving players a huge sense of accomplishment and a ongoing rush of excitement throughout the gameplay.


  • I mean, legendary equipment and the like are standard for every MMO. So its going to exist in AoC. As for more detailed info, you have to wait for alpha 1.
  • Captn basically said it, we won't have fan pages with detailed breakdowns of exact drop % rates for each item until well after launch. But for now you can at least get an idea of the developers intent in this regard on this wiki page:
    They wish to steer away from heavy RNG use
    They will have legendary item drops from world bosses but those will be very small % chance.
    You will have a much better chance of getting that same legendary item through your crafting connections. The raw materials that world bosses drop will be used to make that weapon so you will more likely get it by buying it off a crafter.
  • Hey there! It looks like our friends already provided more insight above, including a link to the helpful community-run wiki with more details on where we've discussed legendary items and loot tables before. If you have any followup questions based on what we've shared, I'd recommend bringing them to an upcoming AMA or live stream Q&A thread so our team can dive in further!

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but please don't hesitate to reach back out if there's any other way we can be of assistance!
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