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[NA] Blackguard | PvX | Semi-Hardcore | All Content | Mercenaries | Small-scale PvP | 18+

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About Blackguard
➨We aren't the good guys and never will be. Blackguard was founded on the principle of killing before being killed. With the ambition of being a Red Guild, we're all about small scale open-world PvP.
➨We're currently a small community and are planning on playing many games together before Ashes of Creation launches. Currently, we're looking into New World to satisfy our needs in both content and PvP.
➨Although, we're solely focused on PvP in terms of main content, we're still interested in doing Dungeons, Crafting and Gathering. We still need armor and dropped items in order to be a proper threat in PvP.
➨There are currently no plans on becoming a big guild, instead planning on staying a small and cohesive unit that can lurk around. We're only seeking to have around 150 members for AoC. We, however, do currently have an alliance and plan on getting big with them to dominate Verra/Aeternum.

What We Can Offer You:
➨Experienced Leadership that knows what they're doing.
➨Some of the best small-scale PvP Shotcallers.
➨An environment in which you can flourish and become better within the game.
➨The availability to be promoted off knowledge and performance within the games we play.
➨Detailed spreadsheets to better help you within game.

Our Requirements:
➨You must be 18+ with a working microphone.
➨The ability to comprehend basic instructions.
➨Don't waste our time and we won't waste your time.
➨Must participate in daily/weekly activities.
➨Must be available to play 4 days/week.
➨Must be able to play 4 hours/available day.
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