[NA] Ronin Elite | PVX | CST | Family Friendly | Semi-Hardcore


Quick Info:
Website | roninelite.com
Region | North America
Communication: Discord
Contact: @Omegacomet


Ronin Elite is a North American hybrid guild who is recruiting like-minded people. We have a good core group of family friendly gamers who enjoy playing a wide variety of games, and we're now looking to stake our claim in Ashes of Creation.

We're looking for clan mates who:

- Have a good attitude, friendly.
- Are interested in participating in a family friendly hybrid guild.
- Are a quality addition to our guild (quality over quantity).

If interested, you can find us and apply at roninelite.com. Thank you for your time.​

Originally founded (2011) by DrewDrew and the Comet Family, Ronin Elite has grown into a full-fledged gaming community. We started with (beta) Star Wars the Old Republic, with the thought of having a guild that is able to support all play types, and give someone a place where they can game in peace without trolls. We are not a hardcore guild but we dedicate a lot of time to our guild and gaming.

More about us:
We offer a friendly gaming community, who play a wide variety of games including MMORPG, MMORTS, MOBA, survival, party games, board games, etc. Recent game examples include: Last Oasis, PoE, CoD, Star Citizen, Conan Exiles, Lol, Classic WoW, Pummel Party, AoE II. We use Discord as our primary communication tool.
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