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Aside from the Mayor role what other roles are there to help support the Node as it progresses ?

I.E. Council Members with unique titles and jobs to aid the mayor in making decisions and pushing the ideals and vision of the mayor with the citizen's suggestions in mind. Basically a cabinet of individuals.

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  • arodicusarodicus Member, Phoenix Initiative, Hero of the People
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    They have mentioned in a few streams there will be other roles. They are generalized as government officials as they do have different names for different node types. they have mentioned specifically the Mayor, Priests and bishops, patron guild leader, and chief bounty hunter. Anything more specific will have to come out in later testing.


  • HeruHeru Member
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    Good question for the next live stream.
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  • KhronusKhronus Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    @Heru Great questions. This is a cool idea if it doesn't end up getting people stuck behind not being able to enjoy this specific content. Getting a title without perks would definitely be a waste but also having other titles with other perks may be too difficult to iimplement. I think a lot of these big node decisions should come down to the community/guilds banding together to discuss with the mayor.

    My guild "Council" will try to ally with others to organize proper node progression and work with the community to add as much as possible to the overall fun of what we want out of the game.
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    I believe chief bounty hunter is a position that is part of a military node's government. So there might be more.
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