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Religions, Temples, & Orders

SimurghSimurgh Member, Phoenix Initiative, Avatar of the Phoenix, Kickstarter
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Religions, Temples, & Orders
Join us in discussing Religions, Temples, and Religious Orders in Ashes of Creation. Do you have ideas around what would make being an order leader interesting or ideas of how augmentation of a skill could be cool? Have questions or just trying to get better acquainted with things around the community? Stop by and say hi and share your thoughts or questions!

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  • LuthienstormLuthienstorm Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Religions, Temples, and Religious orders should help players explore the lore of the Verra and give players additional identity.

    Love, Creation, Fate, Hope, Truth, 3 Evil Gods, and two gods we don't know about. One I hope is "dead" the other "lost". Reclaiming ancient text, writing religious philosphy, blessing marriages, excommunication, fidelity to their cause, converting, and more I pray is in the game. Each order should have an order they despise. I would even say it should be "possible" but incredibly difficult to remove four of the faiths for a certain amount of time. Of course doing so would be destroying their nodes, temples, secret locations, and more.

    Augmentation: Shadow, Light damage (can be % based)
    Good looking out fits, like the pope an orders leader should be automatically identifiable and the outfit should be passed on just like mounts for mayors.
    Being able to "write" actual books in the game once a month.
    Slight Increase in stats for the leader of the organization
    An additional skill
    Some boon for the nodes area of influence like increasing hp recovery per second
    I love the idea of having "prayers" they have to do or rituals to create some sort of boon for the towns production or give the temple access to cure disease, poison, or other "long term" affects
    I hate wows graveyard mechanic. Give me some a priest pulling the soul back from sanctus, or even make it a mystery thats discoverable. Every mechanic should be a story that adds the world or depth of the lore.
  • MerekMerek Member
    edited September 2020
    Another thread is currently open about the topic and as I said there, an MMO that uses deities for more than story pieces is rare, especially deities that can aid gameplay. I'm also very interested in the conflict that could arise in-game based on a players chosen faith.
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