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Types of sub-warfare

gunmandude2gunmandude2 Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
So the node sieges are expected to be the big way of attacking settlements. Do we know if there are any forms of....I guess "sub-warfare" involved with that? Or rather, are there forms of lesser warfare that are specific to different nodes? For example, the members of a military node performing raids on other nodes? Or members of an economic node spending money to disrupt the economy/production power of other nodes, or renting out the property? Or what about a divine node's followers converting the NPCs of other nodes, disrupting the services they provide?


  • Interesting ideas, but as of now we don't have info on any form of "sub-warfare".
  • gunmandude2gunmandude2 Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Really? Well, Darn. I guess I will throw it in as a question for the Q&A for future updates.
  • Hey there! As it looks like this perhaps isn't something we've discussed in much detail yet, it sounds like you're on the right track by throwing it in a Q&A for an upcoming stream! You can also spin up a thread over in our General Discussion section if you'd like to highlight the topic and get feedback from other folks as well :smiley:

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but please don't hesitate to reach back out if there's anything else we can help out with!
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