My theorycrafts on Summoner, and my first post ever

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Summoner basic: Earth + wind theme
Tank pet: Rock elemental: Mitigation tank
Ranged dps: dust elemental
Melee dps: Rock wolf

Summoner + Cleric -> Necromancer
Life: Water mender: Crit change focus
Death: Bonecaster: Bleed effecs: increase crit damage

Tank pet for Life: Siren, kind of and evasion tank
Support pet: Water elemental/Water nymph
Ranged dps: Ice caster naga
Melee dps: Naga

Tank pet for death: shieldbearer skeleton: shield tank
Support pet: glob of haemoglobin
ranged dps: pile of swirling bones
melee dps: greatsword wielding skeleton

Rock smash: hurls a stone at the enemy for X amount of physical damage
Life: Piercing water: throws a water bolt at the target for X damage. Critical hits heals friendly targets in a range of X meter
Level 2: throws 2 water bolts at same target, only 1 can crit
Level 3: Increase healing and range of healing
Death: Bone throw: Does physical damage and a bleed

Earth shards: rock smash has change to proc earth shards. Channels a stream of stone for X physical damage
Life: Jet. Channels a jet of water to heal the target. No longer a proc, but has a cooldown.
Level 2: overflow. Heals targets next to targets
Level 3: Crit hits reduce the cooldown for globe of waters
Death: Bone shards. X amount of physical damage and add bleed effect

Rippling earth: Sends for a wave that breaks down the earth and damage targets in it. Close range ability
Life: Replenishing wave. Heals the target in the wave
Level 2: targets closed to the caster have the initial heal increased by X
Level 3: If the wave hits a enemy or an object it bounces back and heals again by X%.
Death: Field of bone. Does physical damage and put up a bleed.

Pillar of stone: Hits the target with a massive stone. Increases damage taken for X procent.
Life: Tidal surge. Moderate expansive heal. Cast time
Level 2: reduce the cast time
Level 3: crit heals increase the crit change of your next jet by 10%
Death: Bone spike: Physical damage and bleed damage

Land slide: large AoE. Showers the target in rocks, does physical damage
Life: Healing rains. Heals the target in a large area for a large amount. Cooldown
Death: Rain of bones. Physical damage and bleed effects


Gravity trap: Pulls target to it center, slow effect
Life: Pocked of deep water. Target gets crushed by massive pressure of deep sea water. Stunning and throwing them down.
Death: Bone prison

Quicksand: Slow effect + targets have reduced damage output
Life: Spring. medium sized aoe effect that heals target in it, heal over time.
Level 2: Can place 2 down
Level 3: increase aoe size of heal AND projectiles going through will restore a portion of health to the caster
Death: Bone wall. Makes a wall that needs to be damaged down

Swirling wind: Envelops the caster in wind, destroying incoming projectiles. Duration 6 sec
Life: Globe of water. Creates a shield that aborbs X amount of damage. Stays untill broken
Level 2: Can now cast shield on an other friendly person. Only 1 shield can be up at the time
Level 3: While the shield is active the targets gets a heal over time. Crit heals to the shield, by the caster, increases the amount of damage the shield can absorb.
Death: Bone shield. Absorbs X amount of damage. Stays until broken.
Level 2: Thorn damage

Breeze: Sends out a gust of wind in a cone in front of you. Throwing down enemies
Life: Refreshing winds. Increase the movement and attack speed of friendly targets. Slows enemy targets down.
Death: Bitter winds. Damage targets, increase damage taken and pushes them back.

Something I came up with last night while I couldn't sleep.


  • Good post I do agree.
    Pets\Summons should have growth (XP) with special skills based on their class arch type.
    I would like to see Pets\Summons gain XP and grow over time. not just you get a lv 1 pet and poof it is lv 45 because you hugged it. The growth and development is why we are playing in the first place. However the time must be worth the rewards for grinding and training that pet\summon.
    Yes casting a spell to summon may have lv placement for a Skeleton, Wrath or other.

    Anyways I love the diversity in making pets\Summons have there own special skills.
    Melthorn thanks you
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  • Here is what I hope for the Summoner to be:

    Summon Earth Elemental - The player summons an Earth Elemental that will fight at his side. Only one Elemental can be summoned at any time.
    Earth Shield - The Earth Elemental protects all party members with a layer of stone, granting them a shield for x sec.
    Quake - The Earth Elemental turns itself into raw earth mana, conquring a small earthquake for x sec in a 10m radius, knocking up all enemies and then slowing them for the duration.
    This destroys the elemental and triggers the cooldown for the "Summon Earth Elemental" Spell.

    Summon Fire Elemental - The player summons a Fire Elemental that will fight at his side. Only one Elemental can be summoned at any time.
    Firebolt - The Fire Elemental throws a ball of fire that flies in a straight line through enemies, setting them on fire and dealing damage.
    Flare - The Fire Elemental turns itself into raw fire mana, creating a huge burst of fire in a 20m radius, setting all enemies on fire and dealing damage.
    This destroys the elemental and triggers the cooldown for the "Summon Fire Elemental" Spell.

    Summon Water Elemental - The player summons a Water Elemental that will fight at his side. Only one Elemental can be summoned at any time.
    Shifting Tide - The Water Elemental coats all allies in a thin layer of water, increasing their dodge chance and healing them over the next 5sec.
    Tidelwave - The Water Elemental turns itself into raw water mana, summoning a tidalwave that knocks all enemies back for 10m and healing all allies. This destroys the elemental and triggers the cooldown for the "Summon Water Elemental" Spell.
  • @Chimera These are great ideas!
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