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In the spirit of a searching for all things hidden... let's talk about insurance.

I know what your thinking to yourself... Insurance? What the hell? In a fantasy setting?

Hear me out. We have a trading system that includes caravans and transporting goods that could possibly be seized by rogue players looking for a quick gold piece. Those looking to move goods about with the information we have so far should already be thinking about the logistics. Will there be an insurance system in place? Eh... maybe, but I doubt it would fully cover whatever the current associated market value of the item(s) in question.

"But oh my Mr. Prospero what will we do in that case?" you might be saying to yourself. You turn to the players supposedly. There will no doubt be players jumping to escort the caravans. Maybe a guild or groups of guilds will form up specifically to guard these for a price. And once the economy starts up for a bit, THERE will be merchants with tons of money, and what possible options will there be to differentiate themselves to make that particular guild more attractive for the perspective merchant looking to transport goods?

The one offering the best insurance plan in the case things go awry, as they will eventually come to do so. One of the odd but interesting things that will happen in a player driver economy...



  • People talked a bit of how the auctionhouse will be realized and I actually went a little bit to where you are thinking. So I think it fits here quite well.
    Mainpoint is, the way it looks we will have regional markets and pocket economies, so what happens if you trade from region to region with a caravan? It looks unlikely that we can just buy stuff across regions and have it "fly in safely to your mailbox"
    This might only affect ressources tho, finished items might be a different story.

    "One more important thought is that we need some way to “make a contract” that “guarantees” that party A sold to party B. Party B will handle transport themselfes/will assist/don’t take part in it to establish some form of common ground in case something happens with the caravan and the involved compensation/lack off.

    I’m curious to see how Intrepid will handle it. "

    So I agree in that there should be some form of possibility to handle agreements officially to avoid bad blood. Maybe in form:
    we pay half now, you handle security and half when the contract is fullfilled.

    I wish for more, but at least something like that would make it a lot easier to handle trading when there are such risks involved.
  • Exactly! I cannot wait to see how this turns out! I mean there could be a setup on the forums for that type of thing if not an in-game system to handle negotiations. Heck, if a guard guild even renews on a contract or is found out to be working in conjunction with a bandit guild to make some side cash the merchant whose stash was robbed might even decide to front the money to get a high level assault guild to beat em up in return... I dunno the possibilities are making me giddy! Lol
  • I think that's a great idea! Whether it is an in game function that players have to fulfill or if it i completely player made setting. I think it would add to the diversity of guilds instead of there being the standard PVE/PVP guilds. One such guild could focus on protecting the caravans while others could have less than honorable goals. Sounds great to me!
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