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Health Bars of Mob's

So I've seen last AOC dev update on youtube. When you target 1 mob, you see his HP on top of the screen. It is kinda fine right? But what I don't really like, maybe someone people also, is that when you do AOE, same like Steven did with blue chickens, you don't each chicken HP bar. Is there going to be an option to choose what HP bars you can see? Because you can find your self dieying, and you will have to kite, and while kiting you will ahve to finish low hp mobs. But you will have to TAB TAB before u find the weekest one and kill it.

or I have missed something somewhere?
Also, I don't know if I can mention different games here. But I will try and hope for a best.
I have played Lineage 2 and while you AOE u dont see HP as well, kinda bad.
I have played WoW and you can see each mobs HP, yes it might be to much when you have full screen of red bars, but still, if you could toggle off/on like HP bars like in WoW. It would be amazing.
Your thoughts?


  • They’re going to make the UI highly customizable, so I would assume, above-head hp bars would be an option offered further into development.

    Make sure to offer feedback in the Alpha and Beta tests if you’ve got access to any test phases!
  • They don't want hit point meters. But, they have a Health(?) bars. I,m confused. Seems the same to me, except not as detailed?

    Everything is still being tested and the UI is definately not done. Everything we see, is just a place holder, atm.

    Yes, these little things can be game crushers. But, I have faith. If you look at the industry, you will notice a lot of similarities. This is the standard. It works. Just needs polish.

    Steven even mentioned he doesn't want numbers to fly off the screen (damage). But, I like my numbers! I like dotting everyone, and watch my numbers fly across the landscape. Game breaker? Not really, just a disappointment.
  • I dont really care about numbers that much. But seeing HP bars on top of each mob is kinda needed.
    @Kneczhevo check in google - wow hp bars mobs
  • Hurf DerfmanHurf Derfman Member
    edited August 2020
    I would like the option to see my combat log in real time without having to look in the corner of my screen.

    ............................Outgoing 🔼
    Incoming 🔽

    + = player avatar
    A scrolling combat text is what I'd like.

    It'd be nice to have a health bar with a health percentage as part of enemy nameplates for at the very least any hostile that I've damaged or has damaged me with in the past 30 seconds. TBQH as a tank I would want all name plates to have health bars at all times, not just my target.
    Color coding based of health percentage would also be nice.

    Make this kind of stuff UI toggles and everybody wins.
  • Mistrix wrote: »
    I dont really care about numbers that much. But seeing HP bars on top of each mob is kinda needed.
    @Kneczhevo check in google - wow hp bars mobs

    Specifically Tidy Plates
    And scrolling combat text for numbers
  • They just don want us to know "how many" hit points a mob or a player has. I guess they are doing a "crumbling" heath bar thing. That's cool, whatever.

    As to a combat log, I absolutely want this, too. Just not a dps meter, they serve no place with me.
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