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Questions to the developers

1. Will the game be translated into Russian?
2. Will the game use RTX technology?
3. Can I buy a building and turn it into a store or rent a building for a retail store?
4. Previously, you said that the game will have global events that will affect the entire server, such as the appearance of a dragon on the volcano, and if you do not kill it, the world will change, you have not abandoned this concept? I understand that this is difficult to implement, but something similar will be done?
5. In the developer diaries, you said that the mage's skill damage will change depending on the time of year or weather, is this done?
6. Will it be possible to tame and cross-different types of animals to get unique ones? For example: flying with the earth to get a unique pet.
7. How do you plan to improve your armor and weapons? According to the classic system of sharpening and enchantment, or will it be something unique?
8. Will the seasons in the game be linked to real ones, or will these borders be approximate?
9. If the weather conditions change, will the monsters change, will hidden and previously inaccessible places appear? Will there be unique ingredients for professions?
10. Earlier you spoke about the Summoner class, will it be like a druid with the ability to tame or will it only summon otherworldly creatures?
11. Will there be a combo between classes? For example: a magician sets a firetrap and if an Archer shoots through it, his arrows become fiery.
12. Will there be regional prices? Since I understand the game will be distributed as WOW
13. In your own home, you can have a pet and take care of it, like a Tamagotchi?
14. Earlier in the streams, you talked about underwater content. Will you be able to build your own ship or node fleet and fight on it?
15. Will different types of monsters fight each other and will they evolve and respond to the player's interference in the world's ecosystem? Will monsters take over new territories by killing other creatures there?
16. You mentioned turning into monsters, will it be possible to turn into a dragon? Or when you kill a unique boss to get an item to turn into it? This would be a great incentive for the clans, because they could use it during the siege.
17. Will it be possible to declare war on clans and open pvp in the world?
18. What about pvp content( 3x3, 6x6 arenas, rating arenas, tournaments, sieges, caravans, air battles)?
19. Will there be a dismemberment of monsters? Or the effect of smouldering if the monster was set on fire or poisoned?
20. Will the game have a system of oils, as it was in the game Witcher 3, applied to the sword and it burns and deals fire damage with the probability of setting the target on fire?
21. Is it possible to join your development team as a programmer if I am from Russia?


  • 22. How many locks are planned? Previously, you said that there can be 3 nodes for the whole world, or each lock can have 3 nodes, and the number of locks is greater? Is it possible for a node to exist without a lock? And if 3 nodes are linked to the lock, can you develop 3 directions of nodes at once?
  • Hi there - this is quite the list of questions, and typically we like to suggest that folks only post 1 or a few related questions per thread so that you can share it under a unique title and others can chime in with answers! After taking a look through your list, it appears we've covered the majority of your questions before in other topics or in previous live streams/blogs, so I recommend searching for answers first over in the helpful community-run wiki here:

    If after you've done some searching there are still questions you have outstanding, please feel free to split them up into separate posts around similar topics, or bring them over to the #questions channel on our Discord where our community can help chime in with additional answers!

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but please don't hesitate to reach back out if there's anything further we can assist you with in the meantime!
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