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[NA] The Iron Exchange | PVX/RP | Casual-Hardcore | Active


About Us: We are a group of ambitious individuals looking to explore every part of every market, and run a successful profiting venture from it. With your pledge to The Iron Exchange, not only do you ensure that you will make your mark on this world with us, but you do so on the backs of those who help us get there along the way. We have a ton of content planned for the upcoming game and are super excited to explore it with those who want to join. We will have an extensive leadership system that will be implemented in the early stages of the Beta and we encourage members to apply for our leadership training program. We would love to visit with you in our discord and get to know you. The leadership of the guild is extremely active and often in the chat. While there is no requirement to join the discord we do ask for an application to officially join the guild.

How To Find Us:



Recruitment Requirements:
-Age 16+


  • The discord invite doesnt allow me to join? Are you guys still active?
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