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Combat wounds

Thoughts on whether combat wounds have a place in Ashes?

(taken from SWG wiki)

Wounds are a negative aspect of combat and represent a reduction in a player's HAM attribute bar.

There are three principal ways of removing wounds, depending on the type that have been acquired.

1. Having a medic treat the wounds Maybe Cleric/ Cleric?
2. Waiting Inside Structures with medical ratings
3. Watching or listening to an entertainer


  • CaptnChuckCaptnChuck Member
    edited August 2020
    If wounds are supposed to be a sort of mark that reduces your stats just because you participated in consensual PvP, then no. If you kill someone in open world PvP though, you will be corrupted which can be viewed as some sort of "wound" I guess.
  • If Ashes wants to expand on the social aspect of their game and centralize players it's a must. The wound system might seem annoying at first glance but what it does is opens players up and forces them into areas or do things they might not normally participate in. In essence hit helps break down barriers and gets players to mingle.

    In SWG you would have to watch the dancers dance or listen to musicians play music. It was as simple as click and listen. At that point you sat back for a few and typically struck up convos or just took in everything that was going on around you.

    You could tip the dancers or musicians who would commonly reply with their thanks and gratitude.

    I think Ashes could certainly benefit from a wound system and how cool would it be to have so many players packed into the local tavern in a metro, partying, having a good time, playing tavern games, listening to musicians, watching dancers dance, drinking and eating for players buffs, striking up good convos and putting together parties to go run dungeons or quests in general. Instead of everyone hanging out at the auction house or out front of it, you've now come up with another place to centralize your players and that's what MMOs need. It helps the server feel alive.

    I've seen a couple posts out there for tavern games and the one I posted for jobs. This seems like a fantastic way to bring all that together.
  • It seems like an easy way to handle this would be like something I saw in other games.

    In those if you wanted to use a certain magic ability, instead of an immediate mana cost, it would lock out a percentage of your mana bar to run all the time.

    So could there be a condition vs players (I wouldn't want to see it usable against mobs because I think it would make it too easy) where a certain kind of debating trike is taken?

    By example, say you have 100hp. The strike locks out 10%. So then even if a cleric combat heals you, you can only go up to 90hp. And only certain kinds of healing out of combat can restore the health bar.
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