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Dodging and Iframes

i was looking into some info and i see they have plans for some kind of dodge mechanics and the like...ok...that's all great and stuff but...if i'm playing my sword and boarder and he rolls on the ground 1 time i'm gonna throw a fit lol.

what i'm getting at is don't be boring with the dodge effects, instead of just rolling on the ground how bout short jaunts with the shield up. like say skills or advanced abilities to replace the standard "roll".

some examples:
1. mage...gets a lightning jaunt instead of just rolling...same pacing and speed just way cooler and better looking effect.
2. necromancer...poofs into a cloud of darkness for the same purpose.
3. assassin...shadow steps.
4. paladin...a flash of holy light.
5. druid...turns into whirling leaves or somethin

these are just random no real thoughts givin as to what might be the best for each class....i just don't wanna see everyone rolling around on the ground lolol. cause that is...legit kind of comical.

curious to hear other's opinions on this.


  • I could see us being able to augment our dodge roll.

    We could also see defense abilities vary between classes like in tera where tanks have block and other classes have dodge/blink.
  • Hm, what about matrial artist/monks type of characters- they should have lots of dodge/evasion capabillities, esp. in def. spec. and esp. in cloth armor. Mb dodge for them -is not a "roll"- just changing body position+ mb option/"proc" to deflect damage /receive glancing hit.
  • I do hope they do add proactive defensive ability especially for any tanking type class. It definitely makes tasks like tanking more enjoyable if you have to reactive to mitigate damage instead of just using passives.
  • Hmmm ... mmorpg without passive bonuses is just mmo. + it would be realy STRANGE, if plate type of warrior could jump and "role" like acrobat(don't even speak about plate+shield ).
  • It doesnt have to be an acrobatic move, it very well could be actively blocking with a shield as long is it doesnt just randomly happen without player interaction. I'm not saying you can't have passive abilities as well, I would just hope that there is also active abilities much like they did in Tera. Though I do think your argument for a plate wearer not being able to move with agility falls short when you think about plate wearer abilitys like charge or whirlwind that have been in every mmorpg since they began.
  • [quote quote=4691]Hmmm … mmorpg without passive bonuses is just mmo. + it would be realy STRANGE, if plate type of warrior could jump and “role” like acrobat(don’t even speak about plate+shield ).

    Your mobility in heavy armor, was actually a lot easier than expected. Just look it up on YT. There's lots of videos showing people wearing heavy armor and still be able to move around, run, jump and rolling with ease. It does take more fatigue and that could be implemented in the game as well. Tanks should be able to dodge roll, but it should cost 3x more stamina/endurance than cloth/leather wearing players, and slightly more than medium armored players. But they should also be able to block actively, but this cost less to do so. So why give them dodge? Some bosses might do some styles/skills that could be unstoppable or throw something on the ground that you need to dodge. A tank/fighter is always upfront and he is more vulnerable, than ranged players, so I think it's fair.

    But ya, it would be nice to see different animations when different classes dodges/evades incoming damage.
    I'm all in for that! Don't really care how it looks, just as long it's distinguished from other classes.
  • [quote quote=4691]Hmmm … mmorpg without passive bonuses is just mmo. + it would be realy STRANGE, if plate type of warrior could jump and “role” like acrobat(don’t even speak about plate+shield ).


    I don't think RPGs are defined by passive abilities and there are more active defensive abilities then dodge role. In tera, the big tank class had block and a charge ability with Iframes on it. You can put Iframes and super armor on a variety of attacks to make a class feel tanky. For a monk, yes you could give him dodge but you can also give him other abilities that the player can use to avoid damage, like a stance that blocks damage or a spin kick that makes him ignore collision, allowing abilities and players to travel through him.

    If anything, creating a variety of active defensive abilities that makes the player dodge and move like a monk is better at fulfilling the monk class fantasy then having the word "dodge" pop up over there head.
  • -Passives are pretty fundamental thing for rpg,
    -About heavy armor-main phrase was "like acrobat".. Suppose, they should be more evasive than typical mages(ex. combat mages/hybrids) in cloth since they are close combat specialists (mostly).
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