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Concerns regarding progression

KronKrianKronKrian Member
edited September 2020 in General Discussion
My corncerns are that the leveling experience will be something akin to BDO - non-inspired grind fest of mobs for experience
that die in zero time with no challenge in fighting them and zero-depth questing. I want the leveling experience to feel rewarding, memorable and challenging; so much so, that the game itself to encourage (but not force) grouping to tackle leveling and questing content. I want the mobs to present a threat to the player, instead of being a punching back that barely, if at all, fights back. I know of the death penalties and it sounds amazing, but what would be the point if you are not properly challenged and threatened along your journey both by other players and by the mobs.

IN SHORT: I don't want the leveling and questing to be dissapointingly easy.


  • NoaaniNoaani Member, Intrepid Pack
    A concern is something you generally have reason to think will be the case.

    I agree that it would be bad to have BDO type leveling (BDO type anything, really), but why would that be a concern that you have? This game isn't really all that much like BDO, so no need to be concerned about that.
  • This is more of a general worry for you though I assume, because they haven't showed anything that would suggest this is how AOC will be.

    We just don't know how that will play out yet, and it might be a while until we truly have the full picture on it.
  • maouwmaouw Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Let's see how they implement the flow of battle, and try our best with feedback so they can give it a good crack. These are my thoughts:

    A good flow of battle has pacing:
    1. lots of bread and butter attacks that build up the potential for:
    2. climactic combo, which if pulled off correctly:
    3. grants bonuses (buff/heal/status effect/recharge/etc.) that synergize with bread and butter attacks

    You can flavour this cycle using:
    - opening skills
    - finishers
    - mode switching (like temporarily going super saiyan when rage is full)

    This keeps combat super engaging in and of itself and you just want to hit stuff for the sake of climaxing and supersaiyaning.

    This flow is just based off the way music works: introduction, motif(s), prechorus, bridge, chorus, (release), motif-v2, etc. ... and then eventually the final cadence.
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