Ashes 101 - Freeholds

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Here is the updated Ashes 101 Video on Freeholds

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    Thanks for the Video.
    On Point as always.

    I do fully agree that only the Attackers of a siege should be able to attack the Freeholds.
    You Points are exactly my thoughts on this.
    If they did not invest in the attack then they should not get a reward.

    Hopefully they make it so you can hire NPC guards the moment a node siege declaration is set down.
    So as defender you can buy the guards as a safety measure.
    If the attackers are successful then you have already guards at your freehold to buy your time to get there.
    If you defend successfully then you wasted your money.
    So are you confident in the defense or are you better safe then sorry?
    Again Risk versus Reward.
    Would fit well into the game.

    If they allow non siege attackers to loot freeholds then many people will skip the node defense to get to their freehold on time.
    Creating imbalance towards attackers.

    Well for that we are giving feedback.
    Hopefully they change that.

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