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Questing and Ashes of Creation Storyline

Hi all! I usually watch all updates and to be updated as possible. However, I might have missed this.

I really really enjoyed the storyline SWTOR and WOW. It was well defined in the games(especially the cutscenes). It makes me appreciate the game and it’s lore and fully understand it a lot more. Also the way SWTOR implemented decisions and how the ending of the storyline could end was fantastic!

Unlike black desert or archeage after max leveling I still didn’t understand the total plot or story behind it all.

So my question is, has there been any insight or reveal given to how the storyline and questing is going to be in this game?

Thank you !!


  • Balrog21Balrog21 Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    @Arugan the main story line is being kept close to the chest for now, along with most of the lore. I dont have any worries about the main story line being hard to understand. It has been said we are going to learn as we go out into the world.
    They did say you will begin to see some of the major story line once we get into Betas. Hope this helps and eases your fears. :)
  • AruganArugan Member, Alpha One
    Thank you !!!
  • LyiatLyiat Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Though on the other hand they have also said that a lot of the info we learn in the alphas and betas will be placeholder, and that the real lore and quests are going to be held for release, as they find discovery to be paramount to the AoC experience. So I want to stress, don't expect to have a full idea of where things are going in beta - they intentionally don't want us to fully know the story until release.
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