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Attention Bards and Creators - Open Mic Nights and chance to win prizes.

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Not just limited to Bards. Anyone who creates Spoken Word, ads, Music Creations or other AoC themed audio can share them with us at Phoenix Radio.

We want to host a Weekly Open Mic Night where we will play your AOC themed creations from Music to songs, your poems and limericks and more. It is an Audio only format so Meme's sadly are not too likely to work most of the time, unless part of a stand up comedy routine.

If you have a Poem or joke/Limerick or even a short story you can tell in 5-7 min you could make it on to Open Mic Night. If your stuff really impresses us we might add it to our everyday content to be played randomly entertaining the citizens of Sanctus and eventually Verra. This also includes comedy skits of AoC jokes. We know you love being Punny!

Please keep it relatively clean. We aim for a 16+ audience so innuendo and such is o.k. the odd rare curse word as well... I remember being 16 and that was all pretty normal and fair.

This is a great way to showcase community content that goes beyond just pictures and videos.

Something I am still working out is a budget for awarding the best Open Mic Night Performance and hope to sort out before the first Open Mic Night. Winners will be voted on by the community in our discord. (linked in my Signature)

As you have probably guessed it wont be done Live. For most people that's too much stress and it's better to create a few recordings and pick which one you like best before sending it in. We also want to make sure we have enough to pad a few weeks worth so there is always a flow of incoming content to share. So the Open Mic Nights might not be a full hour all the time and we might play some stuff more than once over time.

I don't have a date yet for the first official Open Mic Night on Phoenix Radio. It all depends on how involved you the community choose to be.

You can also submit guild advertisements or your own fake commercials into the Open Mic Night for it's first air play.

Is there a cost? NO! It's 100% free to participate. Phoenix Radio is 100% free and volunteer driven. I currently front all the costs.

You can email me files up to 10mb in size at [email protected] Files larger than that you will likely need to upload to sound cloud or youtube where I can grab it. But most files under 7 min minutes should be less than 10mb. Please use .MP3 at 256-320 stereo quality so it doesn't get too degraded over the radio stream.

The radio is planned to be playing 24/7. We will never play real world ads, they will always be fake/fun, game/guild related or radio related. No worries about car ads or from big box stores and fast food. It's all AoC related or game themed in general.

What about prizes!!! That's yet to be determined. It will be based on what we have left after our costs from the donations and merch we sell.

If you have any questions Please Feel free to ask. We look forward to your Open Mic Night Performances.
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