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Kevin Jordan

So I recently started watching Kevin Jordan who was one of the original devs of WoW and he watched peons video on ashes. He said it looks ambitious and that he wanted to do something similar to the node system when they were developing WOTLK. Intrepid is hiring, what are your thoughts on if they got him on the team? Before people start saying "hes just going to make another classic wow, just go play that." I believe there are ALOT of good aspects from classic that you can mesh with what Ashes is trying to do and still have it be its own game and not a "classic wow clone". Keep everything player driven and open world but I feel like he could possibly have a good effect on the game.

What do you guys think?


  • SoulsOnFireSoulsOnFire Member, Settler, Kickstarter
    This video has been out for a few weeks if I remember correctly. Many have said he should talk to IS. It's up to them in the end, to see if it works out.
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