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[Idea] Cartography

KneczhevoKneczhevo Member
edited September 2020 in General Discussion
How do we create a system for Cartography? Well, I think I have one. I know it won't be popular, with some. But how do you do "map making" in a game, especially when everyone will have knowledge of most all places?

As a non progression skill. Cartography can follow the simple mechanics AoC provides.

T1 - Compass. Standard 360 compass we all know. Encluding compass markers.

T2 - Mini-Map. This is an upgrade to compass (obviously). You know, that little radar we all have used in all our games, and rely on.

T3 - Full Map. Full World Map with fog of war (places you've been). Investing points should give you a big advantage. This would give a big boon to navigators.

Ya, I know... It leaves out those who don't have (freshies), and can't tell north from south. But, it makes the skill and profession relivent.



  • Gah, wrong forums. Take a week off and you forget everything. Lol
  • 🤔🤔🤔

    What if you couldn't have a mini map unless you own a player created compass and it would simply be a compass without a map?

    What if maps were made by professions and were based on region and only shows points of interest the map maker has been to?

    Places you go to would obviously get added to the map, the idea being that you hand wrote the location your self.

    Owning a map would reveal the region like a tower from Assassin's Creed or Zelda. The more traveled the cartographer the more points of interest would come included.

    I also think being able to purchase and use a spyglass would be neat.

    Vek and Niküa could have a compass as a racial perk, and maybe see the stars in a way that highlights compass points.
  • Great ideas! I think it would be cool if places on your map had more detail either the longest you spent there or the more times you visited that area.
  • KneczhevoKneczhevo Member
    edited September 2020
    Did the devs move this thread for me? Let's see. 😁

    Yes! They did. 🤗

    I want to add. Freshies don't need a compass, in the starter zone. We all have roads.
  • Oh hey, yeah. 😎
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