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Secondary class fighter augmenting primary class of ranger

Hi Steven and team! I learned about your projected a few weeks ago and cannot stop thinking or investing your fantastic game and ideas! My question is could you give me and the community insight on how the fighter secondary class may augment the primary class of ranger, in every MMO I have played I am always torn between a melee dps and ranger/hunter type dps. I would like to know how might those specific classes pay as one and if there are any specific detail you can give. I love absolutely everything you all are doing and if it cannot be answered here I can’t wait to find out when the game launches! Keep it up!


  • Whatever your primary archetype is, will be your major proficiency. That's why you can't change it. So, at range, you'd be very effective, but against a Fighter/Ranger in close quarters? You'd probably lose, but not as painfully as if they were a Fighter/Fighter. This is going off the way they've worded it on the wiki without taking different race passives, gear, player skill and so on into consideration.
  • DamoklesDamokles Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    You can always write your questions down for the end of the month stream Q&A.
    We currently dont know ANYTHING about Fighters augmentation schools sadly.
    What I could imagine them to be:

    The last thing we heard about Ranger gameplay from Steven was that it was revolving around engaging and disengaging the enemy rapidly. Harrassing the enemy from afar and closing in for the kill. That could mesh very well with any possible fighter augmentations.
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