Is it just me, or is this forum extremely hard to navigate??

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I just joined the AoC community recently and I want/need to find out more about this game! So I started watching the YouTube videos on your channel to catch up on where development is at, and where it's heading. One of those videos led me here. It also said something about signing up in order to save my username, which obviously if they're "unique" in the game, then it's very important that we get the name we want! Especially for any content creators! Well I'm not even sure if it meant the signing up for the site does that, or if you have to go to a certain forum/page to do that!

Now, at first I thought this forum setup must be amazing with only a few topics on the first main/home page that must be used to sort everything out, but as I'm delving into them, I'm literally not able to find All the different categories no matter where I look!
What I'm saying is when you start a "New Discussion" you're given a category list with many options(like 40!) to use, so I'm assuming there's a forum list showing all those options that you can dive into(when you're looking for answers/research), but WHERE do I find that master list of discussions?? Because even under "categories" you're Only given 4 different options...then even under the Ashes of Creation tab(in that category tab) you're Only given 5 different choices! So I'm assuming I'm missing something.
How do I get to those other 35 categories(and where are the other Likely/Important game related categories at)? I guess I'm just expecting the "categories" page to have at least ALL the major categories in gaming(Combat, Crafting, Questing, Skills, Spells, PvE, PvP, and anything your game will specialize in, aka "Freeholds" and so on!) to have their own separate pinned post(or lead to another page of posts on Just that subject) that sorts the likely tens of thousands+ different posts(some repeating I'm sure) of those different categories! For the best organization possible!

Sure I've been really busy lately, and so a little scatter brained, but I don't see how I'm missing something that needs to be front and center!? I want to look into every aspect of the game, and I don't want to have to ask a million questions that are bound to have been answered MANY times before! So would someone please explain, or even just link the master list page of the different forum discussions/major gaming categories(If there is one)! Thanks!!


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    What I'm saying is when you start a "New Discussion" you're given a category list with many options(like 40!) to use

    Not really. You're only given a few options. General Discussion, Support and FAQ, Community creations, Guild recruitment and Role-Playing Tavern.

    As for a master list, I don't think one exists. You can type what you want to ask into the search bar and try your luck. Luckily for you, most of us are more than willing to answer newbie questions. So feel free to make a post about it.
  • Thanks for the reply CaptnChuck!

    Well, when I first created this discussion, there was everything from rules to support, guild recruitment to apocalypse, new arrivals to RolePlaying Tavern, and Many sub-categories...but I see now that a lot of those you can't actually post in! :neutral:

    Ultimately I was just hoping there was an easier way to find out what's already established, and what's still completely up in the air for AoC. Rather than right off the bat asking a ton of questions(in ten tons of discussions). Which I actually refuse to do because I know how annoying it can be, and how unnecessary it should be! Especially if there's not much set in stone yet!

    I've recently heard this game is likely to be a monthly "subscription" game anyway(rumor so IDK!), which made me lose a LOT of interest in it overall :neutral:! Yes, Money Is King! Especially up against "New World" which will supposedly be a very similar game yet a base price only game(again rumor so IDK)! Either way, we all know what happened when Blizzard let Activision's Greed get the best of them...and what they've ultimately become because if it!! Not to mention the Many Many other greedy gaming companies(CoughEACough) and their "microtransactions", gambling(Oh sorry..."surprise mechanics".../Facepalm), and/or other greedy over monetization schemes! :(

    I guess I'll just lurk for a while, and collect more overall info before I waste anymore real effort actually trying to get deeply involved! Seeing how this game seems to be YEARS away still anyway, who knows what will happen/come out in the meantime!!

    Thanks again for the reply though!
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    Watch this video.

    It gives you a basic idea of the game.

    If you want more detailed info, watch this interview as well.

  • Thanks for the links, but Sadly the more details I see/hear the more worried I become! Much like I did with New World(...and ultimately every other game before these upcoming titles)! :(

    All the talk about "taking the best of all these different current games and making one amazing new game" is the exact thing that EVERYONE wants, BUT Sadly not everyone thinks the same when it comes to "what exactly is the best thing about this game or that game"! Some "Love" PvP, some "HATE" PvP. Some like lots of different skills, some rather focus on mastering a few cool/flashy and/or powerful skills. Some like crafting, some think crafting is tedious. Some want difficulty, some just want to take it easy, and so on!!
    I think the Biggest issue overall though is Some want an MMO, but some want an RPG!! And they don't actually make good bedfellows! The hybrid MMORPG idea was originally only created because "greedy big business" wanted to appeal to the maximum amount of all gamers(the two biggest groups being the multiplayer gamers Mainly PvP, and the role players Mainly PvE) with the smallest amount of time, effort, and money, spent on making it(Again just my honest opinion from my personal experience)! :neutral:

    So IF the "New Amazing Ambitious(Replacement) Game" that Intrepid, Amazon, or whoever, wants to create, doesn't give ALL players ALL possible options, then it can't possibly be an All New Amazing Ambitious(Replacement) Game!! Especially at $15.00 a month(when So Many are free, or one time fees!)!! Honestly, When it comes to price the bottom line is, will the game be created for fun/entertainment(aka you really just want/need your development/maintain costs back, Profits are just a sweet sweet bonus), or is the game being created to Make Shareholders Ever Increasing Yearly Profits(for yet another "greedy big business"!)?? No offense to Intrepid, Amazon, or any other company, but the facts are the facts rather they make you look good or not, so I'm just saying :wink:!

    Sorry I(we) got off track. Thanks again for the info about the forums! I'll discuss more about my overall opinions in the newest Dev Discussion! "Immersion" is actually the perfect example of what I was just talking about above(MMO PvP vs RPG PvE!)!! Thanks Again CaptnChuck!
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    Name a successful MMO that was free to play. Prob GW2. The others have all been ruined by P2W.

    A subscription model is necessary for an MMO as it gives the devs continuous revenue to create content for the game on a regular basis. That's why even though GW2 is a fairly successful game, it doesn't have regular content updates.
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    CaptnChuck wrote: »

    A subscription model is necessary for an MMO as it gives the devs continuous revenue to create content for the game on a regular basis. That's why even though GW2 is a fairly successful game, it doesn't have regular content updates.

    Spoken like a true shareholder! :lol:

    This has gotten way off topic of my original post about the forums organization/lack there of! Not to mention I Seriously doubt AoC really wants us to have an HONEST discussion about money! I'll just say, the truth is $15 a month is way too overpriced!! Just because one thief overcharges, doesn't mean that makes it ok for everyone else to overcharge(that's not capitalism, that's greed!)!

    A subscription model is not necessarily a bad thing in itself, "IF" it's a reasonable subscription price! $15 a month at Just One Million players is $15 Million Every month(The games Entire investment back to them in JUST 2 months!) and $180 Million a year...That's 6 times the cost to create the entire game from scratch in the first place...In Just One Year...Imagine what 5, 10, even 15+ million players brings in Every month!! So does he plan on making an entire new game from scratch every 2 months?? Asking for a friend! :wink:
  • Hi there! Catching up here and trying to answer a few of your different questions/topics that came up in this thread:

    1. Your username is just your login username, and won't necessarily be your character name in-game! Some folks who have early Kickstarter packages or some of the higher-tier packages from our shop have "Name Reservation" included as a perk, which will allow them to reserve an in-game name earlier than others. Other than that, you will likely be creating your character name once you log in and play!

    2. In terms of forum categories, at the moment we currently are featuring a few generic topics (such as our General Discussion), and will be splitting those out into more specific categories as we get into having you test our in-game systems, so you can provide your feedback and suggestions in the appropriate places! If you'd like to take a look at some of our archived topics as well before the forum re-launched, those are still visible here. In addition, the helpful community-run wiki here has lots of answers to questions you may currently have!

    3. You can check out more info on the plans for our subscription-based model here, which will allow us to continue to create amazing Ashes content for you in the years to come! In addition, many of our existing pre-order packages include some amount of subscription time to start you off with.

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but please don't hesitate to reach back out if there's anything else we can assist you with!

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