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[NA] Phoenix Regiment|PvX, Caravans, Crafting, Social w/Roleplay|Mature Casual to Semi-Hardcore

Delta FoxesDelta Foxes Member
edited July 2023 in NA Guild Recruitment
[NA] | PvX, Trade/Crafting, Social RP | Mature Casual to Semi-Hardcore | Arisean Accords Alliance

About the Regiment
Phoenix Regiment is an AoC PvX guild with a semi-hardcore focus on PvP and Trading. We plan on exploring Verra through sieges, node wars, guild wars, trading and artisan classes, naval PvP and PvE, world bosses and raid content, and entertaining some casual RP with the community. We are looking for mature members who are looking for a relaxed community who want to play to have fun while still progressing towards personal and common goals. **No event commitments or hourly requirements**

Our Goals
Guild participation in sieges, node wars, and guild wars
Open world PvP and Naval PvP/PvE
Strong trade relationships
Guild support for gatherers and crafters
Exploring Verra’s world bosses and group/raid content
Social & role-play events and activities for members and community

What we’re looking for
Mature, friendly and inclusive players
Fun, individual but also cooperative playstyles
Leaders for different aspects of the guild - PvP (Commander, large group and small group generals), Naval Content (Admiral and Captains), Economic and Crafting, PvE, and Social Event Organizers

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