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[NA] Phoenix Regiment|PvX, Caravans, Crafting, Social w/Roleplay|Mature Casual to Semi-Hardcore

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[NA]Phoenix Regiment|PvX, Trading, Social w/ Roleplay|Mature Casual to Semi-Hardcore

Phoenix Regiment is a newer guild developing it’s ranks specifically for Ashes of Creation. We’re aiming to be a casual to semi-hardcore guild depending on your area of focus. We’d like to build a community of players in multiple aspects of the game, with our semi-hardcore focus on Sieges, Nodes, Guild, Naval PvP, and supporting our traders and Artisan classes. We’d also enjoy casual town based role play. We welcome all players with open arms, with our primary focus to be inclusive and maintaining a positive, non-toxic environment.

What the guild offers:
-Community first
-PvP ranks for large and small groups
-Ranks covering multiple areas of the game
-A fresh guild to develop in a community driven direction
-Organization and clear communication
-Frequent events for all areas of the game

Our goals:
-Develop a strong supportive alliance with guilds
-Patron guild in a metropolis or higher level node

What we’re looking for:
-Fun first mentality with a drive to win
-Friendly and inclusive members
-Cooperative and supportive of other players
-Players interested in direct involvement with the direction of the guild (Officers)
-Players interested in leading large and small groups
-Players interested in exploring all aspects of the game
-Tentative alliance relations (Contact Nyvix#5261)

What Our PvP Department Offers:
-Players interested in siege, owning nodes, and guild wars
-Strategic opportunity to turn the tide in battle
-Large group and small group opportunities
-A dedicated community with a like-minded goal

What Our PvE Department Officers:
-Players interested in wealth, knowledge, and exploration
-Guild caravan runs so you know you have the support to make a large run
-Hunting raids, dungeons, etc. on the hunt for legendary gear
-A more laid back community

What Our Social Department Offers:
-Opportunities to hang back and get to know the community
-Guild created Festivals (in conjunction with the game or as guild events)
-A place to meet new people (Friends of the guild welcome!)
-Town based roleplay in our node

We’d love to touch on role play and develop a guild story to follow events as the server develops and we see the rise and fall of what’s around us. We won’t require or enforce roleplay on the community, but we will provide events for players to get in character. We encourage players to develop a character who resides in or frequently visits the node we occupy.

In Conclusion
As the game develops, so will the direction of the guild. Nearing release the community will pick the node type they’re interested in (Divine, Economic, Militaristic, or Scientific). What area of the map they’re interested in settling into. We will pick our server. Our ranks will begin solidifying so we can jump right into the game.

If this interests you, you are welcome to join our discord and get to know us. If you are interested in forming an alliance with us, hop in and get to know us and the direction the guild goes. All I ask is when you join you state your intention of joining, alliance, or just hanging out so we can assign you a proper role:


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