Your best memories from MMO

What is yours best memories from playing MMO games? What are the firsts thought when you go back to these moment when u was playing and having the most fun. What do you remember to these today. What was that game.

I know that about MMO's these first games was for us something special. We never before play game like that and all was incredible. Like first kiss, first love, first sex but in game ;-D

I wonder what is you best memories!

My first MMO was MUOnline.

First moments was like... OMG each of these characters are a human being, no way... you can talk with them... look at this badass with glowy red dragon set... these spiders drop items?! Look at these droped axe do like 10 dmg! What the hell was that gold flying dragon, omg he landed there WTF... and then you die in 1 hit ;)

I liked then that grind for exp and items. I liked a sound of droped chaos, soul, bless etc. Liked to put these jewels in weapons and armors what makes them more glowy and powerfull. Liked that you need to make a ticket from these jewels to go to dungeons with your friends and there was a time limit and u tryed to kill as much as posible. I liked varanity of locations, dark locations, water, sand, heaven etc and mobs great fitting these location themes. Liked that u can kill anybody and somebody can kill you.

Secound MMO and my main MMO for rest of my gaming life was Lineage 2.

First unknowe world exploration and meeting people acros the world. Making friends and joining clans. When I first saw a castle I was thinking, no way there is some event including castles, oh boy was i wrong.
First castle siege with clan I was all sweat from nervous and excaitment. When you died in that siege you must go around some places to come back, it was sometimes 15 min or so, and died again after that... When you died it had consequences, there was no fast respawn until you make a flag wchich can be killed too.
Grinding items that was with you for weeks and even months. Then crafting better ones wchich takes a weeks to gather all needed materials - that feels good when you complete that alone or with clan help. Fighting for spots in different locations. Fights for bosses like Baium, where you must go 14 floors of mobs to get to the point where was a massive pvp and when you died, gues what, try again or lose. Fights with world bosses with lastes couple of hours and feel meaningfull. There was quest to kill these bosses to complete it, so for each boss there was a huge fights with clans. Moments when you was relaxing grinding far away in Antharas Lair with friends until suddenly your enemies attack you from the corner and you must fight back or die and loose 30 min to come back and fight again.
I remember 7 signs where you can participate in event wchich was often 50%/50% of serwer population. You was a small cog in the machine but there was a reward for winners and punish for loosers which lasted full one week. When you looses you cant do something for full week. Mannor system where even if you was not not a spolier who can gather materials you can gather needed mats with your main character. And many many others.


  • My first experience was out dueling my friend in a 1v1, in front of other people. Felt good.
  • My first was getting my aquatic form in vanilla wow for my Druid in the early era before they completely nerfed it. That quest was long, and it sent you to a myriad of places, but you had a sense of accomplishment I've never had in a game before.
  • My first was maplestory. How that game has crashed and burned... and yet I still return.
    I wish I were deep and tragic
  • My fondest memory in an MMO? I'd probably have to say back around 2004 or 5 Runescape. I had been talking to this girl for a while and we were playing a lot together. One day I died being stupid and dropped a Santa Hat, which was very expensive and maybe 90% of my character value. She picked it up and gave it back earning my trust. We later met up IRL and lived together for a while. That was a true adventure!

    I've met many people from games IRL and my time getting to know them beforehand, I would have to say, are always the best memories from the MMO.
  • Deciphering treasure maps in Ultima Online, riding in a boat on the open ocean pulling up a horde of monsters while defending against PK'ers trying to steal my booty. Will never forget those moments.
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    Running gank squads through Varka/Ketra/TOI and many other places looking for the enemy.

    Those fights in Lineage 2 where you would die defending your camp spot, come back and kill them, and just repeat killing each other for an hour or 2 with both groups kept calling more people from clans/alliances until there were 100s of people there for a big battle in some random unimportant dungeon on the map
  • The first Guild vs Guild activity.
    Organizing into formations, charging into enemy ranks or holding them off a certain point.

    The end of the GW2 base story.
    "Fear not this Night"
    After the epic strugle to reach and kill the final boss. The music hit and that was a far better reward then any item you got.
  • 1. Ragnarok Online (test server) - I started RO as a regular player, couldn't catch up with bots. Gave up and moved to a periodically-wiped, f2p test server where rules were even less strictly enforced, opened a bunch of free accounts, formed a bot slave army, got rich, joined a guild, and did all sorts of hilarious things from flooding dungeon entrances & towns with ridiculous numbers of summoned monsters and blocking off access for hours to fortifying the guild castle entrance with an heavy aoe bot army (which allowed the rest of the guild to go all out offensive during gvg). I supposedly have broken all kinds of rules but hey, at least it was hilarious, and I didn't ruin any paying-player's experience.

    2. The first few months of WoW vanilla after launch, when everyone were mostly focused on exploring the world (and not hell bent on beating raids and getting epics). Joined a raiding guild not long after reaching 60, and gaming quickly turned into "work" (for "dragon killing points" for loot), add in some occasional loot & wipe dramas, eventually unsubbed after an angry rant by the guild leader after a wipe.

    3. The first time I finished GW2's base story, when "fear not this night" played.

    4. In FF14, became the first few players to max all crafting classes in my server after launch. Business poured in, made new friends, felt appreciated by "customers", felt good. Lost most of my motivation after it became clear that even the best crafted gears were nowhere close to raid-drops' quality. Tried raids, it felt like hardcore choreography during which you can't even miss a single step. Unsubbed.

    5. First couple years of Eve Online. First experience of "sandbox" and "player driven". Started an inter-hub trading business and made a fortune. Was delighted that I was able to quickly achieve that level of in-game wealth without going through any hardcore PvE or elite PvP piracy. Also flew around occasionally in enjoyable pvp fleets. Eventually unsubbed when trading started to feel like a job, lost all reasons to pve (had no need for extra isk, and all accessible pve options were far less profitable than trading), and couldn't afford the time to join hours-long pvp fleets anymore due to RL reasons.
  • best memories from playing MMO games
    first just like to say hello to all
    i am lol 60 year old mmo player who has tried few mmo over the years
    my gaming started way back when my good friend way back in the day said come over to house and look at this computer he had just got what i saw blew me away
    it was old bbc computer with elite and to this day everytime i here the docking music on radio tv i think of that old game
    then i started playing dune dos version Dune: House Harkonnen
    then command & conquer on case ladder dos version my first experience of 1v1
    me on 28k connection and na boys on t1 connection only one winner
    then came best mmo i ever played
    Lineage one 1998
    some of my best memories
    standing at entrance of orc town and a Australian player called Hilts taking all comers on
    another time uk player called rawdog tells me and friends good place to hunt then (pk) us
    first time i tipped toe into dragon valley
    but the very best memories i had was first time i saw the death knight on 7th floor main land caves my pc screen started shaking my mouse was trembling and my brain was saying what the (F) blip a memorie i will never forget .
    so fingers crossed Ashes of Creation will give me some more good memories
    ps lineage one beta untill ncsoft shut na servers down :(
    but now playing on korean server^^
  • 2 Best memories

    1.Forming a guild in MU online and making it's reputation on the server so known that people would follow me around to beg me to let them in.

    2. Private pvp WoW server which placed their player malls inside Alterac Valley (the battleground) and they placed npcs and bosses inbetween the two malls (alliance and horde mall opposite side of the map) and we would battle each other everyday in attempt to get to the other faction's mall and conquer it for a few hours.
  • Reaching lvl 10, forming a guild named Outlaw, then waiting near entrance to Talking Island vilage and trying to rob people. :D Used to tell them to drop some money or materials or I will PK them :D Learned pretty quickly what Karma, how it fucks your character up :D Was fun though :D
  • My first MMO was WOW best memory was the day I hit max cash. I used to say the auction house was the real pvp.
  • My best MMO experience was in Lineage 2 during C3/C4/C5 expansions. I started at the end of C2 and beginning of C3 and quickly got involved with with one of the top clans of the server and got the love for epic open world pvp experience that hasn't been matched yet.

    I remember my first siege, Dion, when we were trying to take it over from enemy alliance. It was truly epic 150 vs 150 battle and seeing so many people running around and fighting for the common goal was like being in the concert. It was ecstatic. The sieges used to last for 2 hours and the constant back and forth battle made it truly blood boiling experience as either side tried over and over again.

    The best part about the game was clan war system as well as open world raid bosses. Meaning if you wanted to kill an epic raid, you firstly had to win a fight against enemy alliance or even coalition of enemy alliances.

    Last year I've tried L2 Essence and got into the top clan once again, and damn the blood boiled again when we started fighting over raid in 100 vs 100 battles. There's just something about these large and massive battles with so many players that makes the blood boil and fighting exciting.
  • Making the long treks in Vanilla WoW to Dungeons in opposing faction territories in PVP servers

    Going to Scarlet Monestary as an Alliance or going to Deadmines as a Horde was always an adventure.
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    Playing the New World preview a few weeks ago reminded me about my fav MMO moments... that feeling of playing on launch day/week of a new AAA MMO. Even though it was only a preview it did feel like a launch day and I havent felt like that much excitement since GW2 launched in 2012...
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    The random pvp raids in Darkfall. Always fun logging in to see everyone in coms and finding out that a clan was raiding our city.

    Also has a lot of fun in swtor because we got most of my rl friends into the game.
  • My 1st MMO was Silkroad Online i loved the Trading Hunter/Trader/Thief walking from town to town sell stuff the Castle Wars the Taxes you got from owning them.. Thats why i love Ashes the most it brings back memorys
  • The coldain prayer shawl quest from everquest ... it took months and was just an overall awesome experience and has not been repeated in an mmo since
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    In Vanilla EQ, I was a Halfling healer.
    I noticed a party resting just inside the city gates.
    I healed them up, thrilled that I had done good deed for the day, turned around to return to my adventures and bumped into a pair of knobby knees.
    "Oh! What might this be?"
    I tilted up, up, up.
    It was an Ogre. Who smashed me to death with one hit from his hammy hands.

    I guess that party had trained the Ogre to the city gates.
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    I started wow, first as alliance.
    As my friends were introducing me to wow, one of them told me there was a "rogue quest" in the middle of duskwood. And that I needed to talk with a dragon. Good times.
  • In GW2, when I rolled with my guildies in Legends Never Die[DIE]. I just vividly remember rolling just 15 to 20 deep in WvW just absolutely stomping 50+ player zergs. We would just constantly outplay people and it felt good just facerolling all of the zerg mentality players. Hell even when we would get caught and lose a fight it still felt awesome being able to put up as much of a fight as we did while being very outnumbered.
  • My best moment:
    I was a little nooblet running around as my very first character in WoW Classic... A dwarven warrior in cloth armor (because I had no money for repairs).
    Suddenly a paladin on his mount was riding by and stopped in front of me. Suddenly he innitiated a trade and gave me 5 gold and a grey chain helmet and some chain pauldrons.
    I will always feel indepted to him. Q.Q

  • Finally after years of following, i get to play World of Warcraft.
    First Epic occasions was spotting an Alliance player by the barrens, little did i know that later that day i would be spending the next 8 hours fighting the Alliance in the Barrens.
    It was hilarious, players would spend hours and hours fighting each other in the Barren's, " good old day's ".
    I tell you what i know about Dwarf's.
    Very little .....
  • It was hilarious, players would spend hours and hours fighting each other in the Barren's, " good old day's ".

    Now that reminds me of the days when Hillsbrad Foothills used to be the unofficial battlegrounds (after they've implemented the honor system, but before they've released Alterac Valley)
  • A few friends and myself spent weeks gathering the materials to build a raft in Darkfall Online. We were new to the game and just wanted to explore the map, and see how ships worked. We finally crafted a raft and gathered for our maiden voyage. We tried to be somewhere safe, and far from other players during non peak hours. The first half hour or so was fine. We floated around looking for good mob camps, and fished off the raft. At some point we stopped to kill some mobs looking for good drops. Suddenly a mast appeared on the horizon. It was another raft. We let them get in casting range because we wanted to kill them and take their raft. Knowing how much work a raft is for a small group. It felt like a huge prize. What happened next was about a hour long chase with spells flying from raft to raft. Unfortunately for us they were much more skilled. It was a long and thrilling fight, but they just had skills that we had not seen yet. It was a massive loss in time the time it took to make that damn raft with just a few of us, but damn was it a blast loosing it. It was the only time in a MMO where it really felt like everything was on the line. When my friend was the first to die, we really felt it. As we fell one by one. None of us were mad. The fight was just too damn good. We really did fight for that raft with our lives that day. To this day we recount the story of that raft every time anyone brings up Darkfall Online.
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    I have many, but to start, one would be when I cheesed a bunch of korean or chinese bot farmers in early Lineage 2. On the noob island, they were running macros that would run from one area and auto attack a mob, loot, and run to the next mob, and so forth. After seeing what was going on, I would stand where the mob was while the bot was hitting it, and eventually his auto-attack would target and attack me, which flagged him for PvP. I would then kill the bot farmer, and their macros didn't account for their character actually dying and needing to run back to the mob. Eventually, I was surrounded by four or five people I suppose that were angrily typing to me in Chinese or Korean characters. Keep in mind, at the age of 17 or something like that I found it all extremely hilarious. I suppose now, they might have just been trying to earn a paycheck, but I don't much mind for bot farmers either way (many open economy games ruined by them).
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    One of my very first, and most fond, memories is from Everquest. Like many who started in the Dwarf area, I succumbed to Death by Mob Train at the wee early levels because higher level players would run back to town to escape death, themselves. Or, you know, just bring high level mobs to screw with us newbies.

    I remember vowing that I would be the one leading the Mob Train one day... simply out of spite. And yes... the screams and curses of the newbies were all that I had hoped for.
  • Kiting both of the dragonkin on my hunter at the same time in bwl on WoW because the hunter cl screwed it up and died. Saved the raid, got me promoted and was the most badass and skill intensive thing I'd ever done on an mmo. Had hunters asking me how to do it for months afterwards lol
  • Playing in Rift, a roaming boss monster appeared in front of me. Was playing a Tank/healer and I assumed that someone would come eventually and help me fight it, so I jumped right in. I was doing some slight tick damage, but mostly just trying to keep my head above water HP wise. About 5 mins of fighting this thing solo, I realize that no one's coming to save me. I chipped away at that beast for a good 15 mins before it finally went down. Good some amazing armor upgrade that was a huge boost to my tank! Loads of fun!
  • An epic battle for a keep in DAoC that lasted about 5 or 6 hrs. Started small and slowly grew up to all 3 realms fighting with about 500 ppl there - walls and gate destroyed/repaired several times. It ended bc of too many hibernian animists spamming mushrooms (damage turrets, they had no cap at that time), which crashed the server. Was glorious! B)
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