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The Player Economy - What items will be tradable?

AlhemAlhem Member
edited September 2020 in General Discussion
I am really curious about how the player economy will look. I really enjoyed that aspect for a long time playing UO. In that game people could open up shops around the world (the best spots were really highly trafficked and great for business) selling all sorts of things, including reagents for mages and alchemists, resources, rare and highly-sought after house decorations, rare clothing, weapons, armor and much more.

Will this game have a huge amount of tradable items as well or will it be limited to resources? Will most aquired items be soulbound to players or not?

Thanks for any information about this!


  • neuroguyneuroguy Member
    edited September 2020
    Most items are not soul bound and can be freely traded. There will be player owned shops. You need I think a permit to set one up from the mayor/node. There was also talk a long time ago about thralls that would manage your shop with settings/prices you establish.

    The thralls (that you hire) were also supposed to take care of some minor stuff in your home too and could be interfaced with from afar even via a phone app/web interface (for easy access when you're not playing) so you don't constantly have to run to your house or even log in to put more ingots in the furnace and that sort of thing.
  • Pretty much Everything but,

    Vash Shop items, achievement rewards, royal flying mounts and your freehold. Don't know of anything else atm.
  • CaptnChuckCaptnChuck Member
    edited September 2020
    Watch Steven's interview with TimTheTatMan. He talks about shops in that video.

    When it comes to trading, pretty much everything is tradeable.
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