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EU Avenalium PvX Casual\Semi-Hardcore is looking for members!

About us

Avenalium is a freshly forged guild, created by @Aaravos#4726. We wish to create a friendly, helpful and fun community. We accept everyone, no matter who they are (except exploiters :wink: ). Our main game will be Ashes of Creation, but we will also play other games! Hear more about us:

What can we offer?
Fresh and new, growing and learning community, that you, as one of the first members will have influence on.

We just started, so we can't offer you much right now. But if you decide to join us, we can build a better future together, so we can offer and help others even more.

What are we looking for?

Nice, helpful and mature people with sense of humor, hyped for AoC as we are.

Experienced and new, everyone who wants to join will have their chance.

Our goals

Our ultimate goal is to create an in-game society that is self-sufficient, with the help of you, amazing future Gatherers, Proccesers and Crafters.
We wish to create a place that can exist and prosper on its own, and trade with other nodes&guilds.

We want to have a variety of players, from all over Europe ( everyone is welcome as long as they play on the EU server!) with different archetypes, dreams, classes and personalities. If we grow big enough, maybe we will be able to have a couple of nodes, and maybe some day, even conquer a castle! Join today, and help us build our future together!

How to join?

Join our discord server, and find out what's next! Hope to see you in Avenalium!

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