Profession: dungeon crafting idea/suggestion what’s your thoughts on this.

Profession: Dungeon Crafting

The crafter only cuts paths.
Each path type costs money to cut.
A straight path costs less than a curve, angle or intersection.
A straight path on level 2 costs more than a path on level 1
When players run through the dungeon upgrade points are generated. The more players that run a dungeon the more upgrade points are generated
These points could also be purchased with real money. It’s not pay to win because all players can access the dungeon and you still have to beat the dungeon mobs to get any benefits
In game money
Same as real life money player currency can be used to buy upgrade points.
A key part is that no matter how much money is invested, no matter how it’s invested. A player will never directly get money back. But they could run the dungeon repeatedly to earn money from the drops.
Furniture, decorations, wall textures.
Some mobs require better ”living conditions”
To upgrade to a deeper floor a floor needs to have a minimum difficulty level. Floor 2 might require 100 upgrade points spent while floor 3 might require 1,000 points to be spent on lower floors (1-2 combined)
To upgrade to the next floor you would also require a minimum number of points spent on the previous floor. So floor 3 costs 1,000 points but 500 are required to be on the second floor.
Player crafted furniture, walls and such would be used.
Each craft should have a few items they produce that can be used in dungeons. This would effectively be part of spending in-game money to build a better dungeon.
Dungeon crafting skill increased not by creating the dungeon but based on how many people run the dungeon.
Skill ranks are determined by points generated by people running through the dungeon.
Something like 1% of points spent on mobs (not decoration) are earned per run.
So if a player spent 20 points on mobs it would take 100 player run throughs to get those points back.
Floor complexity
Twists and turns add to over all complexity
Stronger mobs might require a higher complexity before the room they are placed in.
Players can start on the highest ranked floor that everyone in the party has completed.
For the raid leveled floors that means a player has to still have run through all the way.
Buying mobs
A mob costs based on it's rank and level. A level 5 standard mob might cost 1 point. While a level 40 might cost 300.
Some mobs require certain conditions
Some might require a room with a certain number of points if decorations.
Others might require floor complexity
Mob ranks (you probably have internal terms for this but here’s my thoughts)
Just a normal mob
More powerful versions of standard mobs
Named elites. More powerful than a normal elite but not a boss level.
Upgrading mobs
Floor Points can be spent to increase a mob's difficulty.
This is how floors are deeper levels could become heroic levels of difficulty
Player skill rank limits how many mobs, and types of mobs they can have.
I was thinking of a pool of points. With different types of mobs costing different amounts.
Loot is based on mob difficulty. More difficult mobs and better loot drops.
I was thinking about a fight challenge rating. More mobs or more difficult mobs.
Loot increased based on that rating.
This would allow groups to artificially increase fight difficulty by training more mobs to the group
I was thinking something along the lines of how dark ages of Camelot did this.
I don’t know how feasible this is based on the game mechanics, but it’s a spitball idea to keep the player made content to feel fresh and exciting
Random generation
Loot would need to be created by an algorithm.
With players being able to buy patterns and load them into the dungeon.
Players can load weapons and such from other locations to be added to the drop pool
The random generator will use the weapon skin and generate stats based on difficulty.
For boss and unique mob drops a player can purchase a skin and use that as the dropped weapons default skin. Then they get to choose a name from a generated list. Like bobs shortsword.
A ticket could be added for an original name for a drop.
Dungeon restructuring
If a player upgrades the dungeon the door closes so no new players can enter once all the players exit. Then it upgrades and reopens
If it’s instanced then new parties just enter the new copy.
Player land
This is where player dungeons are located.
Game benefit / studio benefits
Player made content would help keep the game from going stagnant.
Less overall stress on the dev team to create end game content. Guilds that fund a dungeon crafter would create their own end game content.
The more dynamic it can be made in the beginning the less work on the dev team once it gets going
With the player base even in the 10s of thousands there will be a couple hundred player built raid locations. More than enough to have players always feel like there's something else to do. Get bored with raids in this node and jump to a different node.


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