Nikua Fishing Caravan Fan Concept Art

Ikanui the Great Fishing Caravan Concept

The Niküa have discovered these great tortoise-like creatures living within the tropics of Verra. There are tales of some being spotted the size of islands. Making use of their impressive size, the Dwarves build fishing shacks atop the shells of these animals and will roam on them during the Great Hunt to make the carrying of food and weapons across great distances easier, and safer.
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  • Looks amazing! Nikua are such a cool race.
  • Hope something like this makes it into the game, or perhaps a similar concept to this.

    Great art, love it.
  • RVing, Flinstone style. I love it! 👍😁
  • What an amazing creation and lovely concept - thank you for sharing it with us! <3

    Perhaps the first Niküa to come across one thought he was landing on the safety of a mossy island, only to find himself rising slowly in the air on one of these lumbering creatures!
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