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A 30 year old dream.

Hi eavryone, I'm Redmaw.
I'd like to start by saying that I've been following the progress of AoC for almost a year now. And decided to become more active as I've only seen and heard good things. So this was my idea back in the day. Anything you might like to hear more about. I'd love to explain. And by no means are these original ideas anymore. So no claims LoL

My original idea started in 1993 before big MMOs. And PNP was our only outlet. After playing dozens of PNP games I came to favor a few. Dnd, Rifts, Palladium, cyberpunk, and a JRR Tolkien game called m.e.r.p.g.

The games I loved where Palladium and rifts. For the main reason of they could interchange world's through the rifts portals.

So without going on and on about the imence content that could bring. And why are there so many races on one earth sized planet?

I made my own game( is resting in old dusty PNP game books) at the time where all PNP concepts taken from my favorite games. But now with the marvel that is technology my game could be accomplished. After realizing the meat startup cost was far beyond me. I continued to write but just for my own pleasure.

Then came the impossible miracle that is a singular backed game for ultra high end gaming. I had to talk to this Geoffrey Bard.... Oh wait you spell yours all weird and un original 😂. If you haven't guessed in also a Geoffrey. Anyways to Mr. Bards vision. I read all the content I could find on this miracle man. Within minutes I saw that this was the guy I was looking for. With Sony entertainment and many connections throughout the gaming world. It would hard to find a parallel creator.

My ideas back in the day. Because of the rifts concept. Races or what I came to call them. species consisted of 7 species each having 2 - 5 races and some with up to 3 sub races. The main 7 are as I saw the perfect world. Are as follows reptiles,canine, feline, insect, hoofed, flora, and fey kin. To support a world of abundance I needed a very unique world. (And these are just the starting species and races.) A large blue planet with at least 70% water. I settled on a planet the size of Neptune 4x the size of earth. With 4 moons and a planetary ring of light blue particulates. And a yellow sun . So yellow earth like color with green highlights.
I placed nebulas and other habitable planets, moons. Some of which the current residents came from.

Next had to come combat system unlike any before. In this stm players, monsters mobs and gear all gain experience and then die or crumble even with the best maintenance. But on the better side an almost living environment would play out. If a deer kills a farming noobie. When he comes back that deer may have changed just a little until it becomes a threat or desirable from farmers. But also the armor and weapons get better become more keen and balanced. For instance if you have a grey new starter sword and kill a few mobs the blade will get battle nics and scrapes. Same goes for armor. The best part is the harder the target the better the battle xp. For excipients. The best part is when doing PvP. If you kill someone in a spectacular way. They have to agree to you prowess. Then they get a permanent scar where you killed them and you get a red slice or score on the finish of your blade. These give huge bonuses. But seeing that people will find ways to farm red scores on players you can only get 1 eavry 3 days. And the recipient of the scar does gain a tough rep but eventually people will be so afraid they won't deal with you and you can only get so many. So you decide to delete this character and keep farming. The thing is you can only remake a character once a month. Except noobs can do it as many times the want until lvl 10. Then there assumed to like the character and are locked in. Noobs can't get scars or spectacular kills. There's much more to this if anyone wants to hear more.

I also decided to adopt the skill % over skill points. So one could get to 100 % devine healer making him a master. Which will open new skill trees. So then you could go for a skill like with more buffs, one flips healing to damage, or maybe a hardened solder type so you can wear heavier armor and defensive spells like a paladin/death night if your evil. With thousands of skill trees combinatios your character will be just how you want it to be. A magic teleporting assassin that can become invisible and uses high damage poisons sure... Maybe he's got a little into necromancy. He's got a tank..

Lots and lots more on that stm. I also thought people should be able to go anywhere you can see. Do climb is an asset as is Athletics, swimming, as for mounts. I think all mounts need to rest. Just like the old west pony Express. Run your Mount near death at a mountain refresh or change spot. Ten off you go again. So some mounts may be fast. But low stamina. Some can swim some can climb. And the best can fly. But to get a flying mount first you gotta find a jouvenile or egg to hatch or raise.good lunch there. So you gotta climb an impossible mountain then pray mom and dad aren't home or you could find yourself a meal or just falling hundreds of feet to your death.

That's a good segway to death. I believe deaths should have rewards and penalties. Like most stms. Mine is fairly similar but you can pay insurance to the gods. Some gods offer it free to dedicated members.

Ok so gods in my thoughts. Are nearly the same as yours. But small changes mine was 8 points around a circle. 4 main positions. Lite, darkness, balance and chaos
Each of the 8 has a real god that rules there divine ways for instance the goddess of seduction,thieves, assassins, shadows,tricks, Secret's and air is a beautiful succubus. She runs a black order of hiered assassins as her followers work there. Not very original. But I like it and I added important worldly desired. Each God has some. Good and bad. To me good and bad is simply a difference in opinion. That's why I use light and dark. Night owls aren't vampires or evil.. we just find the dark soothing and comfortable. And one who kills for the light could be an assassin. Or someone who likes to garden lol.

So much more on what my dream was. I'd love for you to add anything you liked.

Sorry all if this was to much.


  • I also have a few ideas of how to bring in families not just players. So people start a family account and add to it. As far as I know this idea is totally new and could be great. So say there are 3 games for purchase. The big game and all its magnificents then a game for crafters home designers possibly pet trainers and all the stuff that in game players might not care to spend points on. (I say this all with full understanding that the game has taken a somewhat different approach ideas are like fire hopefully they spread and become more than the original or the idea itself.) Then we have a children's game.. no joke this would work. What they would be playing would be a mine craft type game but for children as old as 2 learn ABC'c then as they grow so does there access. At 5 maybe they can kill bugs in the garden helping the village and get better crops. Playing with animals to help trainers success rate. At age 10 it won't much matter because they get in anyways. But if we wanted to you could create a vanilla version supper fluff and smiles all around. They can battle creatures around the nodes. Collect wood and plants get fur. All this would be unhindered they wouldn't die maybe have a protector cat or dog ect. And boost the node very good. Any thoughts. I've been thinking of this for about 4 years and as games get better so does the opportunity to expand the way things are looked at.
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