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[NA] Valkyrie - Recruiting Beta Players and Beyond.

**Valkyrie of AOC**
We are currently Pre-Recruiting For Our Ashes of Creation Branch (OFC)
| NA Based | Semi-Hardcore PVX | Progressive | Non-RP |

THE TIME HAS COME!!! The pre-established Leadership of Valkyrie is opening its Discord Doors to Individuals of both Beta and Open Launch. Unlike most other Factions forming and recruiting, We do not require you to have Alpha or Beta Access! You are more than welcome to join us even with only the intent of Joining the game upon Official Launch! Valkyrie Has been around for over 10 years in Various Games and has a Leadership which consists of a combined 25+ years of Leading and Coordinating Guilds in MMOs. We are a Semi-Hardcore Progressive Group That enjoys both PVE and PVP. You can expect us to Dive Right into PVE content, Farming, and have a strong concentration on Group Activity. While it is never required, we also have a strong reliance on PVP Content! In open-world, we have always been driven by our PKK Model - We hunt, kill, and bring the corrupt to justice!

What You Can Expect from Us
- Highly Active and serious about the game
- Hardcore to Semi-Hardcore in progressive Content
- You can expect a large volume of PVE, PVP, and coordination
- Experienced Leadership
- A fun Atmosphere.

What We Expect of You
- Activity
- The eagerness to learn
- Understanding
- The intent to enjoy AOC for a long period of time
- A Progressive attitude

IF joining us is of interest to you, you are more than welcome to join our AOC branch Discord as a server guest. Once in the server Reach out to our Leader (DeadOnArrival) and express the interest to get involved.
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