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[NA] Black Sails | Pirate | Hardcore PvP | Corrupt | 30+ with Alpha 1

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[NA] Black Sails | Pirate | Hardcore PvP | Corrupt | 30+ with Alpha 1

We are a very large hostile Pirate empire that will sink every ship, kill on sight, and pirate everything. We constantly patrol oceans so they're never safe, take castles and siege metropolises. We focus on large-scale content, patrolling ocean and land, and complete domination of our region. Due to our aggressive nature and size, power will continually gravitate towards us, vast territorial strength, and your path to access top-tier content will be clear.
  • Our empire will the alliance (4 guilds, ~800 members)
  • Organized infrastructure optimal for crew system
  • Communistic system for maximum optimal performance
  • We are the answer to large carebear zergs

What We Will Do
- Everything necessary (PvX/Raid) to gain power on and off the ocean
- Intelligent utilization of corruption system
- Patrolling oceans to attack naval caravans and ships
- Explore and experience ocean content
- Overflowing your treasure chest full of gold
- Engage in large-scale city/castle sieges
- Dominate regions for best farming locations
- Mandatory resource quotas

What We Offer
- Hyperfocused to provide #1 top grade specialized ships & gear
- Belong to an 8-man crew (90+ crews)
- A very large empire of PvPers
- Militaristic coastal node, castle, & guild freehold
- Experienced leaders and shot-callers
- Officer positions based off merit

Players we want
- PvP cutthroat murderers
- Develop Mariner skills regularly
- Exchanging temporary economic growth for guild power will lead to personal wealth

Join the Black Sails empire for massive territorial control and unstoppable power.

Pirate Lords: @Gin#2000 (Alpha 1), @Ragonrok#5107

Games guild played: AO, LoA, SoT, WoW
Currently Playing: AoC Alpha 1, Albion Online, Apex Legends, New World

Discord Invite:



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