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[NA] Cry of Chaos | PVE RP PVP | CST | WoW

sanaralynsanaralyn Member
edited September 2020 in NA Guild Recruitment
We are a casual, chaotic guild with interests in literally every aspect of MMORPGs. You'll find at least 1 other person who likes to do the same thing as you, and you'll find many others who have their fingers in all the metaphorical pies of the game. We really only have 2 rules; 1) Do not bully, harass, or otherwise aggressively antagonize a guild member. Feel free to sow some chaos among others, though. 2) Recruit! I want our guild to kill everyone with kindness; Drown them in it. We all know MMORPGs need a wholesome, happy community again to displace the toxic elitism that has taken over, so let's do it. Always be recruiting people who believe in our mission. Your guild mates are your friends, your online family, and that's how it should be!

Our main game is World of Warcraft at the moment but we have over 15 eagerly waiting guild members who have signed up and backed AoC! Our guild extends into other games together and we have an active discord community.

Discord: Spikedette#2907
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