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Should be a good idea NPCs player designed for cosmetic or stats? when?

Discussion has already addressed NPC behavior for combat, but what happen with non combatant NPCs, for example, NPCs on Inns, Taverns or any other player/node building... should be nice cosmetics release to personalize those characters? or let players design looks like they design his own look.

If i own a tavern as player i would like tavern looks different from other taverns of same race... in same order a mayor of a node/castle/guilds could like guards look different.

....but what happens if we think in go farder? could be nice than guards of node/castle/caravans/ships have customized stats and abilities? that make no two combats be equal... of course any stat over "standard" must have a cost and if NPC dies is lost and its replaced for a standard NCP until customized one can be rebuild/resurrected/clone.

of course idea its not mine... any one that has saw Overlord series knows what i am talking about... but should be nice push technology a bit in that direcction...
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