Guild Event Concept


Alright so i am one of those poor unfortunate souls that is a shift worker. And i have no way of knowing which shift i will be the next month until that month's schedule releases (which is usually the last week of the month). Right now i work nights so it is tough finding a guild that raids/progresses whenever i am available. So whenever i play an MMO i have a hard time sticking with a guild that is active whenever i have the chance to play.


I was thinking of a concept that could be specific to guilds or factions. The idea is that you do NOT need everyone to be instanced at the same time or in groups at all for that matter. It is a guild progression system that any player can enter at any time and progress a certain objective for your guild. A single person could be doing this or multiple people could be doing it at the same time separately. It would be an instance that can be completed by anyone at any time.


I haven't really thought too much about the specifics of how it would work and i know what i have said is EXTREMELY vague but i think this system could help a large group of players help progress a guild or their own character even if that person does not have a static schedule.

Anyone else have any ideas similar to this? Or Improvements? Or am I out in left field all alone?


  • Resource gathering and crafting will be important for guild progression. You should be able to do those activities alone and still be helping your guild. Being on during off hours will also mean that you can do caravan's easier. You will be able to transport important materials for your guild safer.
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