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Comunity Creation and "Channels" misunderstanding

MedrashMedrash Member
edited October 2020 in Support & FAQ
Hello, i'm a bit uncertain on what the Comunity Creation Channel is made for :
I see many people linking their videos of youtube that speak about the game, and they are almost all in the Comunity Creation one, so my question is :" Is this channel supposed to serve the people that want to add Real content to the game? Or it's a generic comunity content creation channel related to AoC?"
In that case what's the difference between the General channel and the Comunity Creation one? Becouse tecnically are both Comunity Creations xD . If you write or make a video about the game it's the same content in a different format.

I thought that the Comunity Creation channel was a channel for the people that want to contribute to the game directly by giving assets and immages, or maybe game design idea for systems and improvements. (fan art too)

Or it's simply a subdivision of Written content to image based one? Then write :
-Text channel
-Images channel
Or something similar ... becouse now this is the real subdivision and usage of those 2 channels ^^

Can i write game design ideas, without any image, in the Comunity Creation section?
Becouse other people of the comunity created good content for the development of the game, but in the General Section and not the Comunity Creation one ... just becouse it's written content.
They designed classes and spells ... is this not Creative Comunity Content?

Is it a Content partition or a Format partition?

Pls illuminate me ^^


  • Is this channel dead? :smile: so many views and comments here xD , or jusy nobody cares about supporting peoples? .. help xD i'm patient :tongue:
  • Hi there! We have a helpful pinned post here in the Community Creations section that might clarify a bit further - this category is for "fan-made media content (i.e. YouTube, Twitch, fan art, pictures of IRL creations, etc.)" as it relates to Ashes of Creation! Folks also share other similar fan content such as stories and fan fiction in there as well :smiley:

    For game design topics, suggestions, and discussion, those would go under our General Discussion forums! Think of it a bit this way - Community Creations are creative works of art based around content we've already shown off or announced, and General Discussion is for suggestions or feedback related to topics we may or may not have announced!

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but please don't hesitate to reach back out if there's anything else we can assist you with in the meantime!
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