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Cosmetics, Our Pros and Cons

MyboyfriendMyboyfriend Member
edited October 2020 in General Discussion
I wanted to start a conversation about cosmetics and the pros and cons, for us, that come to our minds (the Ashes of Creation Player Base Community or ACPBC for short).

Cosmetics in General
*I have historically enjoyed being more in control of how my character looks.
*I've historically enjoyed acquiring cosmetics through most means in MMORPG's in-game.
*I miss the ability to somewhat identify most other players' progression in-game by their aesthetic and/or admire them for it (I'm thinking WoW Classic with Molten Core and seeing players with Benediction or Battlegear of Wrath... even the tier 1 sets).

Cosmetics acquired through challenges in-game
*I feel like I am rewarded for completing a challenge.
*I feel like I have a visible representation of my work in the game.
*If the challenge is limited, I sometimes feel left out of the experience and opportunity of the challenge and acquisition of the cosmetic.

Cosmetics acquired through out-of-game means
*Should I have the means, I have easy access to something that enhances (to/for me) aesthetics in the game.
*If the availability is limited, I sometimes feel left out of the opportunity of the acquisition of the cosmetic.

What are your thoughts?


  • It helps us to create individual characters, and get a little more invested in the RP side of the game, so I like that aspect.

    I've found that the most awesome stuff is usually put behind a skill wall that I just can't master, and so I can never get those items, so I'm usually left a little disappointed.

    But all in all, I like being able to tailor my look to the personality I've created for my character.
    This link may help you:
  • NagashNagash Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    *sigh* we have threads about this already just use search

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  • MyboyfriendMyboyfriend Member
    edited October 2020
    Thank you for the helpful response/suggestion Nagash. I will consider doing that. <3
  • here's my list of the most important pros/cons for me, not reflective of what Intrepid has stated of AoC specifically (they seem to be doing a good job of minimizing the cons):

    cosmetics acquired in-game:
    - Breaks monotony if I'm tired of how my armor is looking.
    - totally opt in (I don't have to spend time on that if I don't want to and it has no negative consequences on my success or enjoyability of the game)
    - immersion breaking (only if the cosmetics are ridiculous; for the same reason I'm not a fan of real world holiday themed cosmetics)

    Purchased cosmetics:
    - more money for content development (by far the biggest reason I support the cosmetic shop)
    - reduces the desirability of the in-game acquired cosmetics IF (and only if) the best cosmetics are purchased while the in-game acquired ones suck.
  • MyboyfriendMyboyfriend Member
    edited October 2020
    "- more money for content development (by far the biggest reason I support the cosmetic shop)"
    I think so too Irohnic. If the funds are used exclusively for the creation of content and the resources needed to make the cosmetics, that could be a determing factor for me, too. =) I'll probably feel much better about potential purchases I make, additionally.
  • Glad to see devs have an option Of monetizing the game which doesn't create p2w or detriment the game play in any way.

    Thats my 1c and the most important factor of all I feel
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