Change Skill Bar Health bar and party style!

Hi Dev's and Gamer's!
Change Skill Bar Health bar and party style!
i been playing a lot of MMORPG gamers the last 16 years!
i am hype for trying out Ashes of Creation!
i have these suggestion as entitled them on the topic! Change Skill, Health/Mana bar and party heal bars appearance pretty please!
at the moment they look really really bad!



  • It's just a placeholder.
  • As Thorik said they are just a placeholder until they get something more permanent put in the game. Remember these videos/screenshots/concepts etc are all subject to change as it's pre-alpha. Don't get too attached to the way anything looks/sounds.
  • Uhhh. They already said it is a placeholder, but just in case you dont know wtf a place holder is, a placeholder is something that is not permanent, but is there in order to see what something would look like. So it isn't a big problem if they have a bad looking placeholder, since it is knowing that it would change :D
  • I think Steven said it was Jason that made the placeholder, and also that Jason is very bad at designing that kind of stuff ;D
    Intrepid is currently hiring 15 more peeps to their crew. I guess there will be one or two amongst those that can make a prettier UI ;)
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