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Can we get a first person camera mode where we just see the body by zooming camera into head?

VediaVedia Member
edited October 2020 in General Discussion
Have the camera move the characters head also like it's done in guild wars 2. This would allow VR support using vorpx and leap motion, and no extra mechanics required.


  • ShadonSolShadonSol Moderator, Member, Alpha One
    There won't be a first person camera, however in the wiki you can find the following:

    First-person point-of-view may be able to be achieved by zooming the camera, but the game is fundamentally third-person.
  • The main thing though is the first person mode shouldn't make your body invisible. If they can solve the camera clipping into the body and making the body invisible that's all that's needed to make an immersive first person mode, and that can be done by zooming the camera right past the players head to sit on the players forehead but outside the body.
  • I prefer first-person for single-player games like The Elder Scrolls, but for MMOs, I prefer third-person, cos it's much easier to see the combat cues, such as ground-based AoE circles, exploding rocks, timers, etc.

    My brother always liked to play in first-person, and he was always the one that died to the ground-based AoE circles, exploding rocks, timers, etc, cos he simply couldn't see them. We'd then have to try to resurrect him, leaving us vulnerable to those same mechanics. As a result, his first-person view was actually detrimental to the group.

    Due to these combat mechanics that are prevalent throughout MMOs, I don't personally think first-person is helpful. It's one thing to enjoy playing first-person, but to damage the group's ability to complete content is unfair.
    This link may help you:
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