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MMO Heaven

Hello everyone, I am Zelhart and I'm happy to be here.

I've played MMORPG for most of my life, I never thought Id see the day that everything that I have ever wanted in a MMO could actually come in my time. I was apart of the Lionna server before the server merges in Lineage 2, I loved the sieges, castle ownership, and taxes set that game apart from the others early on. When Archage came out I played the hell out of it and tried to stay on the frontlines of progress with the high level players, up until the northern continent release, I loved that game, but it sucked me in, What I loved most about archage was the skill tree/class system they had. I currently play Arc, I love the ability to craft anywhere at any point, but the pacing of the game is really slow if your starting out on a new server, progress is slow, and can be lost at a moments notice. I cant wait to see what you guys come up with, so far what I see is amazing. It brings new hope to me, <a href="" target="_blank">Death'sProxy</a> does great videos updating on your game, and ever since seeing his videos on your game describe your goals, I'm sold. You guys are just what the gaming industry needs, Thank you so much for standing up for what good games should be.


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    Welcome!!! :)
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    Welcome to the community @Zelhart :)
    Jump on Discord to chat with your fellow Ashes members and get all new information about the game first hand. .
    See you around :)
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    Thank you, will do.
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