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[NA] Elegy | PVX | Competitive | PST/EST

realKizarealKiza Member
edited October 2020 in NA Guild Recruitment
Come one, come all, enjoy the sweet song of the Elegy. The song of relaxation and peace alongside friendly competition. Allow us to soothe your tired soul with the sweet Elegy of the Fallen, of the Wise, and of the Ashes.

Hello person reading this, hope you're having a good day! We are Elegy, a newly made guild for Ashes of Creation that hopes to also be a community for the game as well to foster excitement, information, and generally a good place to hang out while we all wait for the game together. One thing we will strive to do are community and guild events, like sessions of games to help bond while we all wait for AoC together. Since, we're on such a long wait, we may as well try to get to know each other now, so we can work well together when it drops.

My friends and I made this guild as a fresh start for Ashes of Creation, as we wanted to start anew with a clean slate. We have other endeavors in other games, but we wanted this to solely build a new community with Ashes of Creation. Join us on this adventure as we try to build a new community for this game and experience all the new things AoC will have to offer together with us!

Our guild has certain goals in-game, but it isn’t the only goal we have. When you join us, we will explain our goals, but what you want to do is important too. All are welcome as long as you do what you want to do well. No matter the endeavor, Elegy shall support you… for the most part. At our roots, we are a PvX guild that wants to do everything well, so no matter what you do, it will likely fall in line with our goals.

  • Well… none really since the game isn’t even out yet lol. Just be excited for Ashes of Creation I guess?
  • It would be highly preferable if you could be active in both text and voice chat, but just text is fine too.
  • You can join the Discord even if you don’t plan on joining us! We would love more active voices in our community to hype with us the game with us.

Our clan tag would be ELG or Elegy if you so wish to use one, no need to though.

Forum: (Uh... Right here.)

I may take about a day or two to respond since forum posts can be slow sometimes, so I may not check the posts for a while. If I don’t respond in a day or so, feel free to contact either me Kiza#5468, Kuromo#4031, UnorthodoxTech
#0018, Kneecap Stealer#3195, or OmegaAkura#2858 on Discord. Thank you for your understand and patience~

Format to apply (Discord DMs or Forums):

Username you prefer going by:
What you like to do:
Favorite thing about Ashes of Creation:
Current Favorite Class / Profession:
Why do you want to join Elegy over other guilds (Optional, I’m just curious):


Username you prefer going by: Kiza
Age: Mentally 12
What you like to do: Play video games, board games, card games, read, sleep, and laze around
Favorite thing about Ashes of Creation: Nodes and Caravans
Current Favorite Class / Profession: Rogue + Tank is something I really want to try and Animal Husbandry


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